Know About Plug Valves And Their Uses

Know About Plug Valves

Looking for a valve for your plumbing system where the flow needs to be controlled and altered regularly. Well, look no further and buy the plug valves, which are especially used in applications where the flow of water or gas can be controlled on a regular basis. These valves have a quarter-turn rotational motion, and use cylindrical plug to stop or start flow.

However, before buying these valves, keep in mind that these valves will not be operational where a steady flow is needed. It will be of no use if the valve is not readily accessible.

Plug valves are quite similar to ball valves in operation. Interestingly, plug valves can be made into multi-ports designs, where a valve can have three, or even four different ports. This simplifies the design and even reduces usage of the valve and connection accessories.

Do you know why plug valves have an advantage over other valves? This is because plug valves last long i.e. they are reliable and have a long shelf life. Also, they act against corrosive and abrasive materials and are mostly used in the chemical industry.

Types of plug valves

There are four types of plug valves, which are commonly available in the market. They are:

  • Non-lubricated plug valve
  • Lubricated plug valve
  • Lift-type plug valve
  • Eccentric plug valve

Available in non-lubricated and lubricated designs, the plug valves come in different styles of port openings. While some plug valves come with round ports, some come with diamond ports. Non- lubricated plug valves mostly have an elastomeric body liner installed in the body cavity. The polished and tapered plug functions like a wedge.

Lubricated plug valves come with a cavity in the middle. The cavity is closed at the bottom but is fitted with a sealant-injection fitting on top.

Advantages of plug valves

  • The plug valve is conducive for corrosive materials and helps in easy and quick crystallization.
  • The plug parts are covered by the busing thus making the body of the valve work seamlessly without wear and tear. In fact, the top seal and the bushing can be easily replaced. The bushing also makes the plug valves endure high temperatures up to 300℃.
  • The simple structure and design make the plug valves leak free. These valves can also endure more plumbing and piping strength.
  • As mentioned above, plug valves can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. So, you can have a variety of designs. The plug valves can be made into two, three, five-six ports i.e. multiple ports and even jacket types.

Uses of plug valves

  • Ideal for hazardous gases and liquids, plug valves come in handy especially in the chemical industries. These valves are effective as shut off and shut off valves. Below are some of the applications of the plug valves:
  • Plug valves have the ability to handle high-pressure systems and abrasive and corrosive materials. Therefore, they are extremely useful in chemical servicing and corrosive substances processing.
  • Since these valves are effective in high pressure, they are utilized in high-pressure operations like acidizing, coiled tubing, cementing and high-pressure and extreme temperature flow systems.
  • Since the lubricated plug valves do not get clogged, they are used in upstream applications. However, the valves require proper maintenance.
  • As mentioned above, the plug valves don’t get clogged easily. Therefore, they can easily handle abrasive and corrosive kinds of materials, which make them ideal for oil piping systems and coal slurries.

Smaller in sizes than most other valves, plug valves come in a variety of designs (they can be made into multiple ports and jackets), and offer fast quarter turn on-off operation. Also, since these valves do not clog easily, plug valves are ideal for chemical and oil industries.

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