Dancer Kaela Faloon is ‘Waiting for the Night’ in Nelly Furtado’s hit music video

Kaela Faloon

Imagine, for a moment, a world without dance. It feels empty, the lifeblood of entertainment. A party is made by moving to the beat of the music playing, a first dance with an important partner is a defining moment in the relationship, and a live musical performance would feel incomplete without a professional dancer capturing the essence of the music on the stage. As an industry leading professional dancer in North America, Kaela Faloon knows this better than most.  

“I emulate the feeling of the music with my body so that the audience can feel it in life form, which then creates an unspoken connection between us, a sense of community and oneness,” she said.

Faloon has built a career many can only dream of. She has worked with renowned choreographers such as Rhapsody James, Laurieann Gibson, Charm La’Donna, Tanisha Scott, Jessica Castro and Mel Charlot, and as leading assistant Choreographer on hit television progams such as So You Think You Can Dance. She has danced alongside countless stars, including Drake, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and Nick Jonas. She is the lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer touring with Mya Harrison, known around the world as Grammy Award winning R&B artist Mýa, and teaches regularly at TMilly Dance Studio. 

“It feels so surreal, living in in the world’s biggest dance hub, successfully pursuing dance at a professional level, and inspiring others to do the same,” said Faloon.

Faloon has been at the forefront of the industry for almost a decade now. One of her first major projects was back in 2013 when she was the lead dancer for Grammy Award Winning singer Nelly Furtado’s “Waiting For The Night” music video, personally hand-picked by Choreographer Scott Fordham who has worked with Grammy award-winning artist Shawn Mendes, Grammy nominees Janelle Monae & Deborah Cox, Glee‘s Alex Newell and Juno winners Anjulie, Dragonette and Nikki Yanofsky. 

“Nelly’s music video was such a pivotal moment in my career, because I was witnessing how powerful my talent was and how much purpose was attached to my talent. Young aspiring dancers across Canada were messaging me, asking me for advice, for guidance, for mentorship, because they saw themselves in me, and to this day, I will continue to live wholeheartedly in this purpose, sharing my gift, and inspiring others to do the same,” said Faloon.

As Lead Dancer for the video, Faloon had a vitally important role, responsible for telling the story of the song through her movements and captivating audiences. This was no easy task, as Furtado only had time for one rehearsal before the music video shoot. The day of shooting, Faloon had to learn choreography, transitions, and formation changes, all within minutes of the camera rolling. The music video required improv both in her character and movement. Fordham would quickly make choreography changes to ensure the creative vision was being captured and that Faloon, as lead dancer, was complimenting and highlighting Nelly Furtado. 

Being able to adapt and work under such time restraints could be impossible for some, but Faloon makes it look easy, with a stunning performance in the video that led to over 15.3 million views on YouTube.

“Seeing my talents directly attributing to the success of Nelly Furtado and her career, was a true testament to my hard work, and in turn this success elevated my career to new levels, aligning me with projects that continued to showcase my greatness and lead to further accolades,” she said.

If you haven’t, be sure to check out Faloon in the “Waiting for the Night” video as well as her touring and performing across the US and internationally as lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer for Mýa. Faloon will also be lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer to world renowned Choreographer Rhapsody James, on the popular Netflix series All American and All American Homecoming, in addition to travelling with Rhapsody across the US and internationally in the same roles for Rhapsody James’s leading Commercial Dance program, Motivating Excellence, as well as Rhapsody’s Monster’s Dance Convention, the original all hip hop dance convention led by the industry’s top choreographer’s and dance instructors. To continue following Faloon’s successful career, head to her website as this talented lead dancer and lead assistant choreographer is a force to be reckoned with.

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