IVF Treatment Planning Everything You Should Know About IVF


Everything you need to know concerning IVF Plan-

For couples that are married, it’s not straightforward and practical to go for IVF. For certain couples, even after identifying the issues with infertility, it can be difficult to decide on IVF because they have any. of questions to find answers to.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you answer your questions and resolve all your questions about stress-free preparation for IVF.

IVF Treatment Planning

Let’s get started with questions to create the ideal IVF plan for you-

The lab techniques required to conduct IVF treatments are superior to the methods required for IUI. In reality, they require expensive and complex equipment, and their maintenance is performed daily by specialists. Additionally, the participation of biologists and gynecologists in the planning process is essential and ongoing.

Will you be hounded during IVF?
In the majority of cases, it’s not painful. There are reports of sensations similar to menstrual discomfort. Since each woman is unique from each others and therefore, there are women who are more sensitive to pain and, consequently, suffer more.

Do I have to be fast when IVF treatment is scheduled?
Absolutely no. It is crucial to have a healthy breakfast.

We do not apply total anesthesia since we believe it is an over and dangerous treatment for IVF pains.

The risks associated with total anesthesia are higher than the pain that is experienced in the treatment.

What ANAESTHESIA will you do for IVF?
Local anesthesia, located in the vagina, and later in the event that intravenous pain relief is required in the course of treatment.

Is there a risk of TWIN Pregnancies if IVF is used?
The possibility of twins is always present when sexual intercourse is involved and treatment for infertility. To reduce the chance, we recommend that you transfer just one embryo at one time. There are instances where, in order to improve the chance of having a baby after several treatments or to pregnant women who are advanced, we would recommend transferring 2 embryos. Biologists and gynecologists from our clinic will discuss with you what to do, and the choice is based on a mutually agreed upon agreement.

Are there any risks of EXTRAUTERINE IVF-related pregnancy?
The risk of having an ectopic pregnancy is always present in the context of sexual relations and treatment for fertility issues. When it comes to IVF the risk is significantly lower.

Do I need to stay after IVF?
When the aspiration of the oocyte occurs the patient must be resting. The next day you can continue to lead your daily routine. Following the transfer, it’s not required to take a rest.

What can I do after IVF?
You can live your lifestyle in the same way just as you did in the past. But, we don’t suggest dangerous sports, especially physically demanding or with a direct physical impact. We also recommend that you take only the things you feel comfortable doing and do not take them any further.

Are there any sexual relationships I can have with my partner after IVF?
If you do not feel discomfort, you can, however, use condoms. In reality, you’re never completely certain of being able to expel all the oocytes that are present, and, if you do, it could result in the risk of fertilization of more than one oocyte.

Can I have sexual relations with my partner following IVF?
Yes, no problem. Be aware of your pain thresholds.

It is contingent on the number of embryos available as well as their quality. Our biologists and gynecologists will consult with you on how to proceed and make the decision jointly.

How many IVF cycles can you Do?
There isn’t a restriction set. It’s contingent upon the woman’s age as well as the efforts she’s made before or perhaps IUI and natural and on the way, she reacts to hormonal stimulation, and on the results, she has obtained from the trials. In general, six attempts appear for us an appropriate limit, however, it is always a variable. Biologists and gynecologists from our clinic will discuss with you the best way to proceed and then the decision is taken through mutual consent.

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