Is Education Important For A Prosperous Future?


Education is the Key to Success. You complete your school followed by college and post-graduation or technical courses to gain knowledge and build skills to establish a suitable career. From the academic aspect, education makes you understand what’s ethical and what isn’t. Due to pressure, you may be constantly tempted to request professional writers “please write my essay” or use tools such as an essay typer – which would be unethical on your part.


But why does education matter for an individual’s success?

Proper education makes you aware of everything around you, improves your critical thinking abilities, and develops your character. It broadens your mind and allows you to perceive things differently, and helps students get suitable training to become professional experts in various fields.

Then again, a lot of you may argue saying education doesn’t really guarantee a successful life. There are millions of highly qualified individuals who struggle to make their ends meet. And there are success stories like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on who are college dropouts.

True. Education doesn’t always guarantee success. You have to be passionate about something in your life to be successful. All of the names mentioned above gained tremendous success with their passion, hard work, and honesty

Although the meaning of success varies by individuals, quality education is undoubtedly required to broaden your mind, explore your passion and limit your challenges. Your talent, wisdom, creativity, and other gifts are of no significance if you don’t get the proper education to survive in this highly competitive world.

Let’s now dig deeper to understand why education is considered the key to success by a broader mass.

Why Is Education The Doorway To Success?

Education gives you control.

Not all are fortunate enough to enjoy a privileged life. You may not enjoy the life you were born into. But if you get educated, you are giving yourself the chance to become better.

For instance, you crack a junior executive-level job after graduation. Over time, you might become a manager, senior-level manager, VP, and so on with your hardwork and dedication. Education will help you climb the career ladder and help you get the life you want to live

Education helps you develop a deeper understanding.

With education, you learn to differentiate the right from the wrong and develop a personal opinion and critical thinking abilities. It makes you aware of the world and your responsibilities towards your family, community, and yourself. A good education will help you make more sincere judgments so you can avert unforeseen troubles.

Education makes you job-ready.

Not everyone wants to become a doctor, engineer, or investment banker. Many individuals are breaking the glass ceilings and turning their passions into careers. However, if you want to pursue a generic career option, education is the primary criteria.

Throughout your college and university, you learn how to communicate, how to multitask and juggle between studies and part-time jobs, and most importantly, how to manage time and people. These are some of the most crucial skills you require for employment. All the interpersonal and organisational skills you learn in college help you overcome challenges and gain professional success

Education brings financial independence.

For the majority, the main reason to get educated to become financially independent. You want to give your best to land a job with a fat paycheck, so you and your family live a good life without much struggle.

A study shows that students with college degrees earn $1 million more over their lifetime than students who didn’t graduate. Another report shows that college graduates earn $17,000 more each year than students who didn’t attend college.

So you see, along with the necessary skills and professional expertise, you need suitable degrees to earn more. For example, it may take you years to see yourself as your process manager despite your hardwork. But if you have an MBA degree, it will fast-track your career, give a massive boost to your annual paycheck, and bring additional perks

Education gives you the confidence to bring your dream to life.

I know not every one of us is a Paul Allen or Michael Dell who broke the chain and established a successful dynasty for themselves. But that’s doesn’t mean we cannot dream. It’s quality education that gives us the confidence to dream and turn it into reality.

Let’s say you have a dream to open a startup. You know you have the skills and necessary knowledge, but not the finances. Not all are fortunate to receive credit from the bank to kickstart their dream project. And that’s where education comes into play.

When you are armed with quality education and solid organisational skills, it may get easier to land a job. You can work and save until you have sufficient to take a risk. No dream ever came into reality without taking risks. Good education creates a pathway to go one step closer to your goal

Does Education Matter To One’s Success – Final Words

Whether education is necessary for college success is a topic you can debate till the cows come home. However, considering the endless benefits, we must admit its influence on our lives. Although many celebrities and famous personalities have attained success without getting a college degree, you cannot always take that risk. Even if you want to turn your dream into reality, you must become an expert in that industry, which isn’t possible without proper education. It doesn’t matter whatever your age is now; get yourself educated to explore more opportunities and secure your future.

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