Importance Of Tutoring & How Math Tuition Helps


In the current educational setup, there is a proven approach of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The basic aim of which is to impart equity and basic access to all pupils where the needs of children of learning modalities and cognitive levels are met. Teachers are bound by the state to adhere to these principles. However, classrooms are inherently busy. Large class size, multiple distractions, generalized lesson plans often are counterproductive to individual needs, goals, and final objectives. Even some of the seasoned teachers fail to do render meaningful learning experiences to the students in question.

Math Tuition Helps

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire (William Butler Yates). This is where the need for customized lesson planning, hence need tutoring plan comes into play. Whether there is a child struggling in school or one that needs an extra push, there are several reasons personalized mentoring helps. Whether it is developing better study skills, increase core knowledge, retaining concepts, or igniting a passion for learning, tutoring helps in innumerable ways in building success in the classroom and beyond.

Who can benefit from tutoring?

It’s a myth that students struggling in-classroom needs tutoring. While it is true that this section of students will see direct benefits of customized one-to-one tutoring; the relatively well-to-do students also get benefitted from the extra boost a tutor can provide.

In deciding the optimal plan, factors like age, grade, and learning disabilities/subject-specific inclination need to be taken care of. Similarly, for brilliant students challenging/inspiring them to the next level of difficulty is another aspect that can be fulfilled with the help of a tutor.

Why Math tutor is necessary?

Mathematics, one of the most dreaded subjects for many, owing to the inept pedagogical methodology adopted in school, is a nightmarish experience for many. However, when a proper customized lesson plan is prepared to keep in mind the individual objective, it yields surprisingly good results not only in eliminating the fear of numbers, formulae and theories but also in developing critical thinking and problem solving in general. Let’s see how a math home tutor can help in this endeavor.

  1. Improving academic performance is one of the key end objectives for most parents. Working with a tutor can best address the hurdles faced by an individual student. Elucidating complex mathematical concepts in simpler terms along with carefully designed assignments, tests and exams helps a student to maximize his/her potential
  2. Managing learning difficulties is a key area of concern that a tutor can solve. Not all child is born the same, however as WG Spaddy once noted, “All students can learn and succeed, but not in the same way and not in the same day.”
  3. Developing study habits is another critical aspect that goes beyond just academic success. It engenders a sense of work ethic that will help the kid in the future in professional life as well.
  4. Improving confidence and self-esteem is another important by-product of tutoring. Most students find mathematics arduous because of a lack of conceptual clarity. When conceptual clarity is taken care of, the student would find it much easier and fulfilling to solve problems thereby boosting self-esteem and confidence. After all as it is said, confidence is everything.
  5. Mathematics is the only subject that helps inculcate critical thinking. The most important aspect of teaching mathematics is not ‘what?’ but ‘How?’. Once a student learns critical thinking it helps him in other subjects like Physics and Chemistry. Further studies in Science and Technology are based upon mathematics and critical thinking plays the most important part.
  6.  Challenging high-performance students, especially those aiming for IITs, NITs, ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) etc. is another end objective an experienced tutor can fulfill.
  7. Finally, personalized and direct feedback helps the guardians as well as the student to where the student can improve and build academic skills.

With that in mind, it is important to find a good tutor who can impart those lessons in a seamless fashion to a student. This comes to the need for an experienced teacher. But look no further as we already have covered that for you.

Mr. Shamsher has been in the teaching profession for over two decades now. With an impeccable academic record i.e., 1st class in MSc, and experience in teaching public school as well as with top coaching centers such as FIITJEE has given him exposure to tackle both board examinations as well as competitive examinations like IITJEE. The wealth of experience has given him ample opportunity to understand the pain points of a student and create personalized lesson plans, tests, and weekly examinations. Some of the key features that distinguish him from other tutors and coaching center is mentioned below.

  • Face to face interactive Session providing customized solution suited for a particular student
  • Formulae learning, step by step teaching with live examples, giving clarity of theoretical concepts
  • The right learning curve, adopting effective methodology to work on all basic Mathematical problems step by step
  • Precise preparation for board examination through clarifying theoretical concepts as well as strategies and practice for competitive examinations such as IITJEE
  • Mock Test, for checking regularly on student’s progress and engendering confidence
  • Focused Approach, so that students constantly practice and learn to maximize their potential

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