How Will Your Child Gain The Benefits of GMP at an International School!

Benefits of GMP
preschool in Malaysia

The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) program is a custom-built schooling system based on the  research and observations of the world’s renowned educator, ‘Maria Montessori’. Maria implemented various education practices to change the education philosophy. Concentrating more on practical activities, she advocated for open-air classes encouraging children to come and go as they like. Her programs resulted in students developing better concentration, attention, and self-discipline.

With the amalgamation of the original theory of Maria Montessori and modern teaching methods, the latest learning technique has evolved. Preschools in Malaysia are adopting this new theory to educate their students in a more exciting way.

Traditional playschools have a teacher-centric education model. In this, the teacher gives notes or dictates lessons that the students note down. On the other hand, the GMP program is child-centric. This article will discuss the benefits of the GMP program, what it offers, and its advantages.

Benefits of the Global Montessori Plus program

 In preschools in Malaysia, the GMP program is used to impart education with the latest innovative tools to:

  • Encourage children to love learning
  • Provide a safe, warm, and positive environment for children
  • Make children feel secure, respected, and loved
  • Help in creating a positive self-image with a more creative attitude
  • Stimulate a physical and emotional balance in a child

What does a GMP program offer?

Many smart campuses in preschools in Malaysia offer the new GMP program to provide holistic education. The GMP system is based on the children’s development of their initiatives and abilities. 

Five main objectives of this program are explained below:

  • Accelerating basic skills – Schools focus on accelerating the students’ basic learning styles. They emphasize providing an atmosphere for listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. A fun teaching methodology ensures to accelerate the basic skills of the children.
  • An all-around teaching approach – Multifaceted learning helps students retain their originality. A thematic learning methodology to nurture the student’s interest in various possible ways is critical in teaching. The child’s overall development is possible only with the creative interactive activities, and the schools focus on students’ inherent personalities to make them unique.
  • Play programs – Many private and international schools include playing as an essential part at the kindergarten level. Play programs corroborate physical and emotional attributes necessary for a child’s overall development. Initiating learnings with the help of games and trained teachers make children accumulate relevant natural information. Various play programs are conducted to encourage a child to develop skills of independence. Teachers guide the students to understand what to play, how to play, and with whom to play.
  • iCare Programme – This is another essential pillar of the GMP program at international schools in Malaysia. It aims to make students sensitive towards their community and environment. For example, a program may include charity. Students are taught the values of kindness and the importance of giving. These bonding activities with the masses help children understand the importance of honesty and integrity. A strong character-building foundation and the art of giving help children understand the universal values, making them better global citizens.
  • Future Ready Program – Providing students with an early start for learning makes them smarter. Various future-ready programs for learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, known as the STEAM teaching method, is the core method of teaching. Active participation of students in these future-ready programs helps them to develop a critical thinking attitude.

Advantages of a GMP system

A GMP system is the fusion of both eastern and western education systems. This award-winning learning technique focuses equally on sports and academics. Some of its advantages are:

  • Academic Excellence – Teachings and practices with the latest techniques provide better academic excellence. Project-based teachings ensure optimization in learning, thus producing excellent future students.
  • Sports Excellence – Students are provided with the best indoor and outdoor sports facilities. School’s infrastructure and facilities provide the opportunities to produce world-class sportspersons.
  • Personality Development – Schools focus on the personality development of each student, during their pre-primary years. Through a variety of well-designed activities, students are trained to develop critical thinking skills. Children are taught to understand the importance of meditation to lead a stress-free life.
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership – A GMP system revolves around entrepreneurship development programs. International schools invite experts and induce students for interactive conversations. Children are allowed to speak passionately on subjects of their interest to help them gain confidence.   


International schools with a GMP program are known to help young minds remain inquisitive. These students prepare students to take on the challenges of the 21-st century world. Students are encouraged to explore the environment around them and develop into confident individuals. A GMP program’s success is ensured with continuous growth and development, and when adopted with teaching methodologies of an international school, parents can expect holistic development of their children.

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