How To Use Emojis On WhatsApp [Android & iOS]


Using an emoji is a simple task. However, there are some differences, such as direct incorporation by the operating system being used. The WhatsApp has its own emoji in Android and desktop versions of the app while on the iPhone depends on the implementation of Apple . Learn how to use emojis on different platforms for WhatsApp.

How To Use Emojis

Emojis on WhatsApp

Emojis are part of the standard Unicode system, which allows any character to be reproduced on any computer, be it a web page, a text editor on Windows or a messaging app on iOS .

Designs, new forms, are submitted for approval by the Unicode Consortium from time to time and usually come with system or application updates. There are a number of rules for a new emoji to be integrated with Unicode.

However, companies are free to choose how each emoji will be displayed on their platform (system or application). That’s why emojis on Android and iOS are different. This is also the case with WhatsApp GB, which adopts its own designs on Android and desktop versions.

How to use emojis on Android and desktop

On Android, emojis can be found in the chat text box. When starting or entering a conversation, notice the icon that appears in the left corner of the field where you type a message. By clicking there, the alphabetic keyboard gives way to the emoji keyboard.

How to find an emoji

Note that there is a search field when switching from the normal keyboard to the emoji keyboard. Try typing keywords that correspond to the subject of that emoji, such as: “happy”, “sad”, “party”, “sport”.

search whatsapp emojis

The search will bring up results that can match that keyword. It is worth mentioning that some terms in English can also work in the search – for example: “beer”.

There is a huge library of emojis. Refining with the search can help you get to the desired character more quickly.

How to change the color of an emoji

  1. Open the emoji keyboard
  2. Touch and hold which one you want to change the color, until the balloon appears with the other options
change color emoji on whatsapp

3. Select the new color.

Remembering that not all emojis can be changed. Some are “definitive”, with no color variation, like this one 🤭. When changing the color of an emoji, all those who also have that variation will receive the color chosen as the default – the process can be redone for future changes.

How to use emojis on WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp does not integrate its emojis on the iPhone (iOS). Therefore, it is necessary to use the Apple keyboard to enter the characters in the messaging application.

First of all, check if the emoji icon ( 😀) appears next to the “Space” key. Otherwise, touch the globe icon ( 🌐) and check if the emoji keyboard appears.

whatspp emoji keyboard for iphone

To enable emojis on iOS

  1. If the emoji keyboard does not appear, access the Settings app and tap on “General”;
  2. Then, select “Keyboard”;
  3. Touch “Keyboards”;
  4. If the “Emoji” is not on the list, tap “Add New Keyboard” and look for the emoji.

Returning to WhatsApp, check again if the emoji icon appears next to the “Space” key. Otherwise, touch the globe icon to switch between keyboards, until the emojis appear.

How to change the color of the emoji on the iPhone

  1. Touch and hold the emoji you want to change;
  2. When the balloon with the options appears, select the desired color.

As the emojis on the iPhone depend on Apple and not WhatsApp, you must always have the most updated version of iOS to have access to all the latest and available designs. On Android, the news comes with the application update, not with the operating system.

See how easy emojis are? The difficulty may be finding the button to access their shortcut on Android or iPhone. Remembering that on iOS it may be necessary to activate the emoji keyboard so that they can be inserted in WhatsApp conversations.

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