How To Unblock A Person On Facebook Lite

Unblock A Person On Facebook Lite

Want to know how to unblock someone on Facebook Lite? Follow these steps to unblock that contact who has earned to be blacklisted.

Rectifying is wise, and many times we block without thinking twice, so in this article, we will explain how to unblock a person on Facebook Lite. This application is a version of this social network for Android that takes up much less space in the memory and, therefore.

Facebook Lite has fewer resources and functions than the traditional version, but it is more useful for using it for the basics, viewing and commenting on our contacts’ posts and writing private messages.

If we have regretted blocking one of our contacts and want to give them a second chance, we have to open the application to access the Facebook login page and access the main menu (the icon with the three horizontal stripes at the top right of our screen). Then we have to scroll down until we find ‘Settings’.

In this new menu, we will again have to scroll down until we reach the ‘Blocked’ section, where the list of people we have blocked will appear. To unblock them, all we have to do is click on ‘Unblock’. When you click there, another screen will appear to confirm that you really want to remove the block, as this means that the mutual tags will reappear and that person will be able to see your Facebook profile again.

To prevent us from playing cat and mouse, Facebook will prevent us from being able to unblock the same contact again within 48 hours of unblocking them, so we have to be quite sure that we want to confirm this action.

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook Without Them Knowing About It

If what we want to know is how to unblock someone on Facebook without them finding out, the reality is that it is not something that is in our hands. Lifting a block also breaks the friendship on Facebook, as the application considers that if you have vetoed access to all the information on your profile, it is because you no longer want to know anything about that person.

The only way for someone not to find out that we have unblocked them is for that person not to realise on their own that we are no longer on their contact list. Our profile will still be accessible (with the privacy restrictions we have set up), so at any given time that person can see that we no longer have contact with them on Facebook. This can mean two things, either that we have removed them from our friend’s list or that they were blocked and subsequently unblocked by us.

The more distant the contact we have unblocked, the more likely it is that they will never realise we had them on the blacklist. In the case of close friends and family members, the chances that they will eventually realise it increase. Sooner or later, they will most likely see that you are no longer their friend on Facebook and will write you a message asking for an explanation, which is undoubtedly quite uncomfortable.

To avoid these situations, the best thing to do on Facebook is to mute those contacts that annoy us so much. It’s not a bulletproof method either (they can always ask you about a photo they uploaded that you obviously haven’t seen), but you can always argue that your lack of interaction on this social network is because you’re more concerned about other things -or applications- than the food photos that everyone uploads on the weekends.

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