How to Turn Your Ugly Houses into Lovely Homes?

Ugly Houses into Lovely Homes?

If you think that your interior decor is just a means of showing the grandeur and luxury of the house to others, you are extremely wrong. When you work on making the decor beautiful and fantastic, you are transforming the house into a home and ensuring that the ambiance inside the walls remains soothing, warm, and welcoming.

A nice interior can also reduce stress, anxiety, and so on. But sometimes, you choose interior decors that make your house look ugly and disoriented. Many people consider that painting the walls beautifully or hanging a large piece of art on the living room wall will do the job. However, that’s incorrect because if you want your house to look beautiful and special, you must pay attention to the details.

The following article will introduce you to some of the best ways to easily convert an ugly-looking house into a lovely home where people would like to stay for long hours. These ideas will also help you to give a complete makeover to your house without any major renovation or change that might include a lot of bucks. No matter what you do, you pay attention to every detail of your house because that brings differences.

Add Some Texture to The Walls

One of the best ways to cover up the faults in the walls of your house is by adding more textures. We are not saying that you go overboard and add intrinsic tiles or a false wall with different types of artwork done on it. If you want to decorate the walls and eliminate the ugly and bad look, there are a plethora of ways in which you can achieve your dream without going overboard.

For example, you can add tapestries at the back of the headboard of your bed. Similarly, you can use furniture to store your books and magazines and play with some decorative items like a small plant, showpieces, a vase, awards, and so on.

Don’t Go Overboard with Photos and Art Pieces

Hanging photo frames and art pieces on the wall is very common and an amazing way to cover up your defects, like holes, punctures, chipped paints, and so on. Instead of renovating the entire wall, you must buy the photo frame or the artwork and hang it to cover any ugliness. However, when you go overboard with these items, your house looks more like a gallery than a home.

Therefore, what you can do is dedicate a large wall to create a gallery if you are a fan of art pieces and photographs. Get frames of different sizes to create variation in the gallery and display all the pictures and art. This way, you won’t have to adjust spaces on every wall in your house and make them look like a museum.

Use Mirrors As Décor Items

You can also use mirrors as décor items. Nowadays, you can find circular, hexagonal, and triangular mirrors with wooden or plastic frames arranged in a proper setting. You can install one of them in the living room and use it to see the reflection, create an optical illusion of a bigger space, and raise the aesthetic value of the living up by 10 folds.

In some cases, you can also get a wall-mounted shell with an even number of blocks in such a manner that half of the blocks have a mirror at the back while the rest are empty so that you can keep some décor items.

Use Runner Rugs and Large Mats Instead of Carpets

The use of carpets is quite common. It certainly increases the house’s aesthetic value, but it can easily get dirty, and cleaning the carpets with professional help is costly. Plus, when you place the carpets in high-traffic areas, the pile height reduces due to constant traffic movement, deteriorating the beauty and elegance of the floor cover.

So alternatively, you can use the runner blocks or some creative mats like a dog doormat. Runner rugs are rectangular with a longer length and shorter width, ideal for narrow hallways and kitchen spaces. You can even place three runners’ rugs between the couches and the center table.

Add Some Greens to Your House

Another best way to improve your house’s overall looks and aesthetics is to add green plants and flowers. For example, you can get an orange tree or a large flowering tree to keep at the corner of the hallway of the patio. Similarly, you can also create a garden in your kitchen or a vertical succulent garden for the balcony. The more green you add to the house, the livelier and fresher it will look.

Ditch The Curtains and Use Blinds

Last but not least, do not use the curtains in the living room or the lounge, especially if you have short windows. Instead, cover them with blinds since you can control the light entering the slats. Besides, blinds are easier to clean, don’t get dirty easily, and can last long. If you want to use the curtains, use them in your bedroom, where you need maximum privacy.


Whether you get some wall mirrors on shelves or use a come back with a warrant doormat, there are several ways to enhance the aesthetic value of the house. This will help you to make it truly eccentric and magnificent without much effort from your side.

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