How To Start a Laundry Business By Building on Demand Laundry App?

laundry app

The Laundry for on-demand services has been seeping gradually, and as of today, on-demand services have become inseparable from our lifestyles. The continual growth of different business sectors and their online presence has been a metric in pulling users. 

Comfortability chained with timely delivery of services has convinced users to avail of on-demand services. Alright! In the sequence of different on-demand services, you can offer on-demand laundry services, which is what this blog all about.

In the year 2019, the market for on-demand laundry services was 30 billion USD. This market rate is expected to reach 343 billion by the year 2027. Or simply, the compound annual growth rate will be 35% from 2019 to 2027.

How to introduce your on-demand laundry services business?

Spot your target market

The first step in introducing the on-demand laundry services business is to spot the target market. Before starting out your business, you must study the scope of your business. For that, you should have a clear picture of consumer’s choices.

You must analyze that whether people will use your on-demand laundry services in spite of having washing machines or maids at home. In order to know that, doing a survey will be helpful. For example, in households, people either employ maids to wash their clothes or have washing machines. If they are employing maids, then you must analyze the salary paid to them. In case if your laundry services are cheap and best compared to employing maids, then definitely you can attract consumers.

Secondly, though households have washing machines, do they really get time to operate and iron the clothes? Either people will iron their clothes by themselves or seek help from an ironing vendor. Overall, you have to examine whether people are comfortable with the usual laundry services. Once you find their pain points, you can work on solving those problems. So, this is all about identifying and analyzing the target market.

Make a choice on the business model

The foundation of your business is choosing the business model. Your business model denotes whether you will be an independent service provider or a marketplace service provider. Let us see how both of these business models work.

  • On-site business model – Suppose that you are already in the field of laundry services. You have your own set of equipment and other human resources. In such cases, you can create an app and list your laundry services. Users will book the service from their app, and on completion, they will pay for the service.
  • Marketplace business model – In this model, you will connect with different local laundry service providers and list all of their services on your app. Overall, you can choose the marketplace business model if you wish to cut down the expenditure on infrastructure and other resources.

Build your on-demand laundry application

Once you have a clear picture of the consumer’s preferences and the business model, you can step into developing your app. Your laundry services app must be easy-to-use and also contain multiple yet realistic features. Generally, developing an app from scratch takes too much time. Therefore, you can invest in a time-efficient method of on-demand app development called a white-label on-demand services app

Overall, you need to parse through these stages in order to introduce your on-demand laundry services business. So, what’s next? We will know how the laundry app will work.

On-demand laundry services app – Workflow

Step 1: Interseted people will install the app and sign up. Similarly, if yours is a marketplace model, then your laundry service providers will have to register.

Step 2: After signing up, the customer will book a slot for their laundry services. This booking made by the customer will be sent to the service provider. Else, if you are the owner of this business, then you will get the request.

Step 3:  A delivery service agent will go to the customer’s location and pick-up their clothes.

Step 4: After the completion of the laundry services, the customer will be informed about the charges. 

Step 5: The delivery service will agent will return the clothes to the users at their doorstep.

As a owner, you can superintend all the above process from the centralized dashboard.

Features of your laundry services app

Customer profile

Helpful in knowing the customer’s information like email id, contact number, address, etc.

Appointment scheduler

Customers can book the laundry services depending on their convenience and enter the timings through the appointment scheduler integrated into the app.


To help launderers or delviery service agents to correctly identify the customer’s location, the app is built with geolocation technology.

Live tracking

After booking the laundry services, the customers cab easily know the delivery service agent’s location through the live tracking facility.


People of the current generation are opting for online payments and hence the app supports a multitude of online payment gateways.

Feedback corner

Your customers can go to the feedback corner of the app and write their opinion about the business services.

Bill estimator

Once the service is completed, the in-app bill estimator will calculate the total charges and intimate the customers.

Launderer profile

The launderer profile will contain details like name, contact number, years of experience, and email id. This information will be useful for customers in order to contact them or know their expertise.


If you are starting a marketplace model, it is important to know whether your service providers are available at the given time. So, the app has got the feature to mark the availability of them.

Push notifications

Every information related to the bookings, payments, etc., will be informed to the customers through in-app notifications.


Collecting information regarding the your customers’ behaviors on a regular basis will help in improving your offerings. So, that’s where the in-app analytics will come in handy.

Final thoughts

Yes, we have covered every aspect of the on-demand laundry services business. To launch your on-demand laundry app, you need the above-said features. You can also make use of a ready-made Gojek clone app to develop your multi-services on-demand app. The crucial point is to thoroughly inspect the preferences of your customers, which will be helpful in achieving success.