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If you are running out of cash and are in an urgent need for it as well, then the best option is sell gold. These days, selling your old jewellery has become a quick method to get instant cash. However, getting the right price for what you sell isn’t the simple one yet. When you search for how to get instant cash for gold, you will come across a lot of companies, but they do not offer the best price for your gold.

If you want to sell gold in Bangalore or anywhere across the world, it is the same wherever you go. It’s the gold buying price that makes it different, which is why we have shared the following tips and help you get the most money when you are selling your gold:

#1 Know the Time You’re Selling

Gold is always an interesting commodity when the economy is looking rough, because it seems as a safer wager than any other types of investments.

This is the reason that you should also consider the condition of the economy when you are trying to sell gold. If you think there are hopes and you can wait, then wait for the rates of gold to rise.

Still, likewise as with any investments, it is completely difficult to foresee the future value of gold.

#2 Get an estimation for your gold

When you arrive at the gold buyer’s store, they will first look at the hallmarks and weigh your gold. This way they can assist you with the assessment of how much your gold can fetch you keeping in mind the prevailing market prices. 

Always make sure that first you are getting the valuation of gold done. Also, make sure you are going to every other store where you can sell gold. In case you think you are being settled in a poor settlement, you can request for a better payment or you can always ask for your gold back.

#3 Negotiate

Try to never be hesitant to negotiate if you are not being offered the right price for your gold. Always inquire about the prices that many other gold buyers offer. This way you have clarity about how much you are getting for your gold. 

#4 Selling Your Gold Online

We do not really recommend this! Just in case your location is far away from the gold buyer, your only chance would be online. To arrange a decent arrangement for selling your gold, you could use courier services to send your gold to the gold buyer. Or sometimes, the gold buyer themselves arrange one for you. 

As you are possibly moving costly goods, it is good to first find how authentic the gold buyer is. Many people complain of being cheated online because of sending the gold with untrustworthy gold buyers. You should know that the gold buyer usually bears no risk with your online gold selling if you are transporting it via other couriers that are not associated with them.

#5 Consider Before Disposing

Gold buyers are mostly curious about the approximate amount of metal summing up as gold. They do not include all the valuable stones or the making charges in this. 

Many gold buyers may remove the gems from your gold and dispose of them when you send off your gold ornaments with valuable gems or stones attached. This prevents you from taking advantage of those gems as they could cost you some value as well.

To conclude, selling gold is not as easy as it seems. Only genuine gold buyer can help you through. You can find many gold buyers but only a few will give you what belongs to you. So before you close on one gold buyer, make sure you are inquiring about it with many more gold buyers. This way you have an idea about the value of your gold.

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