How To Remove Password on Outlook Data File Successfully?

Outlook PST File

Are you tired of searching for a solution to remove password protection from Outlook PST? So, don’t worry, here we are giving you a practical solution. That definitely, works.

It’s always the best approach to protect your Outlook PST data files with a password. Even, if you share your PC or workstation with various types of users. After setting a password in your PST data file, you’ll be reminded to insert it every time, whenever you Open Outlook. After entering it, all the crucial data of your PST file will become accessible.

But, sometimes users forget their passwords. In that case, they search for how they can remove passwords on Outlook data files. Moreover, while creating passwords we missed out on spelling. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, read this article.

Reasons Why User Ask For Remove Password Protection From Outlook PST Data File

  • Error in spelling: when users create passwords sometimes, they misspell. Thus, when trying to open the PST file it shows an error, continuously.
  • Forget the password: Due to multiple PST files, users can’t remember their passwords. This also leads to errors while the opening of the Outlook data file.
  • Evidence: To represent in the court as evidence, the forensic department remove the password from the PST data file.

Here, we represent methods, which help in overcoming them easily.

Manually Remove Password Protected Outlook Data File

Many times users search for the manual method to remove password protection from Outlook PST data files. And, on some pages, it is mentioned that there is a manual method to remove passwords on Outlook data files. But those methods are just to create a new password. Or, you can change your password.

But many times while creating a password, the user misspelled. Or sometimes didn’t remember the password. In that case, they search for the solution.

Thus, we suggest you go with PST password remover software for how to remove passwords from Outlook File.

Technical Solution for Remove Password Protection From Outlook PST

remove password from outlook pst

From the above, we came to know that, as there is no such manual way to remove protected Microsoft Outlook PST data files. Thus, because of that, you need to go with third- party solution. PST Password protector is one of such software which solves these problems, confidentially. Moreover, it is a hassle-free solution.

It is most of the easy tools available in the market. Moreover, it maintains the data folder hierarchy. And, ensures no data is lost. So to know its working procedure you can go with following simplest steps.

    1. Install the PST password remover tool on your PC. And run it in your machine.
    2. After opening the tool, select Add files or Add folders. If you want to add a single PST file then click on add files. Otherwise, for a bunch of PST files, go with add folder option.
    3. Find the file or folder and add them. Now on your screen, all selected files will be shown.
    4. Now, on the screen under the Status you can see the lock symbol. It means it is password protected PST data file.
    5. Finally, click on the Remove password.

Thus, by using the tool we can easily remove the password from any PST data files.
So to know more about the tool that is its feature, we read further.

Feature of the Application

It has numerous features. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface. It does not require any technical knowledge.

    • Quickly remove passwords from any type of PST data file.
    • Ability to remove multiple passwords from PST data files in one process.
    • Installation of Microsoft Outlook is not require.
    • Does not require any account configuration in the application.
    • Can remove any language-protected MS Outlook PST data files.

At last, we successfully, remove password protection from Outlook PST. As such there is no manual method, so user can use this application.

Concluding Words

In summary, in this article, we troubleshoot remove password protection from Outlook PST problems. By using a simple application in a few steps, it becomes possible for the user to get rid of it. Moreover, due to its privacy policy, it is one of the trusted software in the market. So, users can go with it.

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