How to Read Outlook MSG Files A Complete Solution

how to read Outlook MSG files

Today you are going to learn how to read Outlook MSG files using two simple and reliable methods. however, some users have trouble accessing their MSG files but they are not able to read the Outlook MSG file.

In this blog, you are going to learn many things such as the reasons why you need other methods to analyze Outlook MSG files on Windows 10. the solution for your problems with its advantages and disadvantages.

Why Users Use Different Methods to Read Outlook MSG Files

In this section, you are going to see the what problems you face when you try to analyze Outlook MSG files on Windows 10. It will help you to know the problems better so you can easily access your files.

  • Users might not have installed Outlook on their system, stopping them to open. In such cases, they seek other methods that don’t rely on the Outlook desktop application.
  • Outlook is primarily designed for Windows, and users on non-Windows platforms face issues. To overcome this, they look for cross-platform solutions, such as web-based applications.
  • Users who are required to access their MSG files from different devices may choose methods like web-based clients or cloud services to ensure access to MSG files.
  • Some users have concerns about the security of storing sensitive email data in local Outlook installations. Cloud services with security measures can be a preferred alternative for data protection.
  • Users who only need to view the content of MSG files without the need for advanced email management features provided by Outlook might prefer lightweight dedicated tools.

The provided reasons are just the tip of a big mountain there are more reasons that can’t be explained in this part. These reasons can become an error as well if you get careless with the manual method.

How to Read Outlook MSG Files by Using a Manual Method?

There are only a few methods to analyze Outlook MSG files on Windows 10 because of its encryption without the Outlook application your MSG might be useless. But still, we are going to show you how you can read MSG files manually.

  • Select the email and change the file extension  MSG to HTML by right-clicking on the MSG file
  • After that click on the “Save As” and select format HTML.
  • then, use your web browser to open the HTML page.
  • Now you are able to read the MSG file.

This provided method is the easiest manual method to analyze Outlook MSG files on Windows 10. But it has many limitations that make all your efforts in vain. soon you will learn about those limitations.

Limitations of Manual Method

There are many limitations to manual methods and it’s a bit lengthy when it comes to handling MSG files in a large number. In this part, you will see what limitations you will face with the manual method.

  • Handling multiple MSG files individually can be tiring and time-consuming. The manual method fails to process files in batches, which can slow you down when dealing with a large number of emails.
  • The manual approach does not provide an easy way to read metadata from MSG files. This information is important for organizing and managing emails effectively.
  • Manual methods lack advanced features available in tools. These features could include the ability to export MSG files to different formats, convert attachments, and connect with other applications.
  • Reading MSG files manually is challenging for non-technical users who are not familiar with the email file formats. This can lead to errors or incomplete process of the email content.
  • If an MSG file is corrupted, the manual method fails to open its contents. Specialized tools often have mechanisms to handle corrupted files to some extent.

If you want a better solution than the provided manual method we have the perfect solution for you can use. In the upcoming section, you are going to learn about the professional method to analyze Outlook MSG files on Windows 10.

How to Read Outlook MSG Files Using Professional Method

MSG Reader Software designed by FreeViewer with this tool you can easily analyse Outlook MSG files on Windows 10  without depending on any email client or software. Let’s have a look at its user-friendly interface.

  • Download the application from its webpage and open it
  • Locate the MBOX files using manual way or use the auto-search function
  • Load the files and view the files with the eight modes of preview 
  • Select a horizontal or vertical view to read the MBOX files

With only a few clicks you can analyse Outlook MSG files on Windows 10 with ease and this application also provides you with lots of beneficial functions that you are going to learn about in the next paragraph.

Beneficial Features of the Professional Application

  • The application easily browses and views the MSG files, including their attachments, and other data with success.
  • This tool has the capability to perform an in-depth analysis of the email messages in Outlook.
  • With it, you can thoroughly investigate MSG files, and users can take advantage of multiple preview modes.
  • It’s makes possible to browse MSG files efficiently even if you don’t have Outlook and Exchange Server installed or not.
  • If you want to learn all the possible ways to easily Open MSG files without Outlook hassle-free.
  • There is no limitation on the file size and file number to read MSG files for forensic analysis.

Last Words 

In this article, we have shown you all the important information related to MSG files and you have learnt how to read Outlook MSG files. You can use any provided method to analyze Outlook MSG files on Windows 10 according to your needs.

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