How To Post Engaging Content On LinkedIn Without Looking Foolish


Post Engaging Content: Are You A LinkedIn Superstar? 

If yes, you might be a pro when it comes to Post Engaging Content. What if sometimes your post couldn’t get the expected reach? 

LinkedIn is not like Twitter or Instagram, where you can post the commentary of your day. You don’t need to broadcast everything that pops up in your mind. 

People often visit LinkedIn when they are hunting for jobs. LinkedIn is a platform where they share or post some inspiring stories and all. When it comes to comparing LinkedIn with Instagram or Facebook, it won’t make any sense.  

LinkedIn is a platform where people often hunt for a job or get inspired. Instagram and Facebook are the two platforms where you can post anything that runs in your mind.  

How To Post Engaging Content On LinkedIn: 

Take a look over that will create high engagements on your content. These hacks and techniques are worthy and will help you generate attention: 

  • Post videos and presentations 
  • Share the latest trends 
  • Make prediction  
  • Job post 
  • Textual content 
  • Blog post
  • Add photographs and graphics. 

But with LinkedIn, you can’t post something noisy that will annoy your audience. You will drown out the valuable posts you usually share. 

Post Engaging Content: LinkedIn Statistics

Post Engaging Content On LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn has almost 500 million members, and it is captivating that many of these spend over 5 to 10 minutes a day. 
  • Each month, a user spends one to two hours on LinkedIn monthly compared to 41 minutes on Facebook daily. Well, LinkedIn’s audience is smaller than Facebook, and it seems like a digital business card. 
  • LinkedIn ranks as the top 15th website, and in the USA. It ranked as the 11th top website after Netflix and Facebook. LinkedIn is something more than the social media platform started for content marketing.
  • LinkedIn is the second most favorable content channel, where you can share or post your content. Around 50% or over 50% of traffic comes from LinkedIn. Still, if you aren’t posting the right content on LinkedIn, you are missing an ample opportunity.
  • You can call LinkedIn a chunk of your marketing strategy as it helps you understand your targeted audiences. The content that makes them tick. LinkedIn’s news feed is mainly populated with new content each day by thousands of connections.  

Post Engaging Content: LinkedIn Hacks

This article aims to share all the hacks or techniques to schedule posts on LinkedIn without looking foolish or desperate in this blog. 

Let’s now dive into some fantastic hacks you need to use in your content, and these hacks work. 

Post Videos And Presentations: 

Images and videos are significant when posting on social media platforms, and LinkedIn is not diverse. Pictures and videos grab the attraction of the audience. 

Scratching your head and thinking about what to post on LinkedIn. Just think once of what you are watching or scrolling your social media platforms.  Suddenly any motivating video or pop adequately provides the information upon your newsfeed. 

Post Engaging Content

Come across your LinkedIn and post it and share it with your connection. These videos or SlideShare presentations are worth it and attract the audience to that image or video.

It offers many tools, so you need to take advantage of these tools. Videos are presentations that are something that attracts people. 

Try posting some inspiring videos to promote yourself as an insightful person.

According to the research, around 39% of the people likely finish their videos with subtitles. 

Here comes a pro tip: if you are posting a video, try to add subtitles.

This will make the audience watch your video and understand the purpose of the video you have shared. 

Share Latest Trends: 

The latest trends are the things people are looking for. According to the research, people share over 10 million headlines on LinkedIn. So for example, video second thing is that industry trends are one of those types of trends shared on LinkedIn. 

Have you ever noticed that LinkedIn highlights more trends? It is because of that people love to view that content that is the latest. 

You can share new blogs, stories, or videos from the industry, or any other thing you find at the moment. Of course, it must relate to the industry or the latest trend.

Staying up to date and sharing trends will let you promote yourself as a thought leader. It will show you as a professional who always updates and knows everything that happens around you. Regardless, people agree or disagree, but everyone loves to read about other things. Staying updated with the latest trends is essential. 


If you are predicting something, that doesn’t mean you are right or wrong. It’s simple to start a discussion over it. If you are scrolling and finding a piece of content or any post about which you think, you will give an opinion over it.

In the same way, if you find any content with an opinion, share it right away with your connections with a catchy or attractive caption. 

First, start looking at yourself as a follower, not a leader, if you are posting the same content as the others without adding something catchy or attractive. Then your connections or your followers will get bored. 

Try something unique to your mixed thoughts or ideas. Dare to be diverse and set up your following. 

A pro tip is here. You can ask your audience a question related to the prediction you have made to increase your audience’s engagement.

Job Post:

The job posting is one of the clear posts on the LinkedIn newsfeed. It’s a good thing to remember, or else it could say that most people use LinkedIn for finding a job. 

Either you are posting a job for your own company, or you are posting for someone else. It is the safest way to hire someone for your network. 

If you are posting a job, it reflects that you are growing your business. It reflects good faith.

Textual Content:

LinkedIn users usually scroll their feed and look for textual content. While visual content is eye-catching to the users, text-based content can also grab the users’ attention. If you are posting the latest trendy textual content, it will attract the audience. It will only happen if your content is highly engaging. 

Here is an example of the textual content. 

Post Engaging Content

Sometimes tips or hacks as textual content are the nuggets to attract your target audience’s attention. 

Textual content looks so odd, but your words can create magic and grab the attraction. You can add some hyperlinks to your textual content to make it look even much better.

A simple text sometimes appears to be more exciting and unique without shiny images or hyperlinks. Still, it’s all about the quality of the content you have compiled. To further increase engagement, add eye-catching hashtags.

Here comes a pro tip for the textual content. Keep your sentences short.  Your sentences must be easy to read to convey the meanings rapidly to the audience. 

A controversial tone is essential so that your audience finds your content accessible and sincere. 

Blog Posts: 

While scanning LinkedIn, you may have found some blog posts published on it. One of the other hacks or ideas to post engaging content on links is blog posts.

Well, there are some ways to share your blog post. The first is to directly write your blog by clicking on “Write an article” that appears at the top of your LinkedIn feed.

 The second one is you can only post the link of your article or the blog you wish to upload on LinkedIn. The third and the last way to share a blog post is to republish a blog post that has appeared on your company’s or your brand’s publishing platform. 

Sharing some pro tips for your blog post. Your content must be short rather than long. The more concise the content, the graph for engagement would be higher. 

LinkedIn allows you to post 1300 characters, which are equal to 200 -250 words. It’s better to compile your words in a brief paragraph rather than choosing a longer one. 

Add Photographs And Graphics:

The textual content has its vital place in posting engaging content on LinkedIn, but photographs and graphs are no less. 

Adding some bright and fascinating photographs, GIFs, or emojis will let your audience click on your posts as photographs. 

Post Engaging Content

Graphics do an excellent job at providing the information in the proper manner and clear the point of your content at a glance. 

Here we are sharing a pro tip for adding photographs: try to add some meaningful images. 

Final Thoughts:

Wrapping up our article here. Here we have compiled some hacks that will increase your content engagement.

  • Posting some videos and presentations is essential if you try to convey information through your blog to your audience. The latest trends are the things or news that attract people.
  • If your post has some kind of predicting caption, then your audience will view it. 
  • LinkedIn is full of job posts, and job posts are something people are hunting on LinkedIn. 
  • Sometimes textual contents are the content people are looking for. Blog posts can create high engagements. The addition of photographs and some graphics looks fascinating and bright in your content. 

These hacks or ideas you can say are worthy. Once you imply these hacks to your LinkedIn content, there is no way back. 

Happy Linkin’!

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