How To Pick The Right Shipping Container

Right Shipping Container

When you are thinking about transporting your goods internationally you have to pick the right container to send in it.

A shipping container is a part of the entire shipping work, without it almost any shipping transportation is incomplete.A container is said to be one, but each container is made to hold different goods.

However, choosing the right container is quite difficult. There are many factors such as what type of container suits your goods, what size and what capacity container you need for your cargo etc. we will discuss the all major considerations you have to take care of while booking or purchasing containers. It makes it easy to pick the right one.

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Let’s see what things matter while picking container

First, we’ll look at what kind will be best for your goods. Generally, Containers are viewed by size, type, and height.

Types of container for international shipping

Types of container matter while your goods are heavy or loose, dry cargo, nature of cargo will decide what kind of container you have to pick.

  • Flat rack freight container for out of gauge cargo:

This type of container is used for heavy or awkwardly shaped cargo.flat rack container is just a simple flat rack which is built for heavy load like materials , machineries etc. it has adaptability to handle heavy cargo types.

  • High cube container for added height:

This type of container is foot taller, has more capacity to store and lift goods. a high cube is a standard container as 76 cubic meters FCL.

  • Open top freight container heavy and tall goods:

When your goods are not heavy or not large enough capacity either. For this situation is using open top container. of course, it’s not opens from top, but it’s covered with tarpaulin to cover elements.

  • Tunnel container for extra heavy cargo:

This type of container used for dry freight also used for FCL and LCL shipping is packed with one single door and covers all edges. It’s usually used when cargo can be loaded and unload swiftly.

  • Side open shipping container for moisture-sensitive goods:

This type of container is used when your cargo loads and unloads by forklift. This type of container has open one side.

  • Tank container for hazardous liquids, gases, and powders:

Tank containers are for dangerous and non- dangerous liquid and gases. They comprise corrosion material or steel. The dimensions are the same as the standard container type.

  • Refrigerated Containers for temperature-sensitive goods:

This kind of container is insulated with a certain temperature range during shipment. tease containers used for dry cargo like foods.

The above-mentioned containers have some standard dimensions and capabilities. generally, containers are available in 40,20,70 feet length.

monitor your reefer container on its journey

If your goods require a reefer container, you must monitor container journey information. keep a monitor on what happens inside during the entire journey to prevent damage. Placing a device on a container is a smart move to get entire information. you can track your important numbers of temperature, humidity, shock, light and location. you can receive real time data via SMS notifications or by system. This information will inform you to improve your shipment in future in case it is damaged.

Need help to pick the right shipping container?

If you are overwhelmed to pick the right container as per size and type, take a deep breath and relax, most of the shipping companies and freight forwarders are well experienced at selecting containers as per your goods type. These experts will help you and calculate the type, size, and number of containers required for your cargo and securely ship to your destination.

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