How To Overcome Gmail Account Running Out of Space Problems?


Most of the users ask for the solution for a Gmail account running out of space. Are you also searching for the same? Then stop worrying about this anymore.

Gmail (Google Mail) is a popular web-based email client that is used world widely. Google’s trust in security, and access to hundreds of applications at a single platform with a single account makes Gmail an exemplary tool for email communication. But one thing that is deficient is space.

Gmail has a restricted storage limit of 15 GB (can be extended on subscription) for free. And, it is used by Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos and other such Google applications. If Gmail storage is exhausted user gets the message ‘You’re out of storage space and will soon be unable to send or receive emails until you free up space or purchase additional storage’.

Gmail data files that also stored Google drive files also. So, erase unnecessary items, photos in Gmail. Here are some of the techniques to solve the ‘Gmail account running out of space’ problem.

How to Check Available Space in a Gmail Account Storage?

Users must be habitual to checking Gmail storage occasionally, to avoid such issues. They can check it by following steps.

  • Go to Google drive, and click on the gear button.
  • Now, tap on Settings, a new window opens up.
  • Browse to Storage, where you will see the space available out of 15 GB.

Manually Solve Gmail Running Out of Space Problems

#1 By Google Takeout Method

Users can try the Google takeout method to download their Gmail data in their operating system. As well as, it is an inbuilt feature provided by Google itself. Users can use this. By login in into the Gmail account, it can easily download its data. Moreover, it gives the option to download the selected folders at a time in .zip or .tgz format. After that, they can delete their data from the server.

Google Takeout


  • Can download up to 2GB of data at a time.
  • Takes n number of days.
  • Gives only zip or tgz file format only.

#2 Using Delete Option

Users can go with the Delete option as well for a Gmail account running out of space. They can select the unnecessary emails for deletion. And can remove them permanently by clearing them from the trash as well by using the Delete permanently option. Moreover, they can simply download their Google drive, Google photos data and can erase it from the server.


  • If users have thousands of emails then it is a lengthier process.
  • Crucial data can be lost, accidentally.
  • Creates errors during the action.

#3 Using POP/IMAP

However, it is a technical method. Here all you need to do is, configure your Gmail account to desktop-based email clients. Some of the desktop-based emails are Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail-bird, Opera Mail, and many more. And, they can configure by using POP. As it downloads and deletes all data from the server. And, because of this configuration, all the data is automatically downloaded to their system hard drive.

In the case of IMAP, you have to enable the Delete from Gmail option. After that only, all your data get deleted from the server automatically after download.


  • Need technical knowledge.
  • Require attention during the configuration of the account.

#4 Subscribe to Google Storage Space

Here, users can purchase space from Google. They need to subscribe according to their need. Google gives monthly as well as a yearly subscriptions. It is the way, where you have to have pay first then you can access your storage. Somehow this method is feasible for Gmail account running out of space. Up to some extent.


  • Ask for a monthly/yearly subscription.
  • If not subscribed in the given time, then users face data loss.
  • It is the costlier method.

#5 Using Download Attachment Method

In this part of the manual method, users have to download email attachments. As attachments occupy most of the storage. Clearing email having attachments, can lead to an increase the space availability.


  • Can download email with attachments only at a time.
  • Chances of loss of folder hierarchy.

Professional Software for Gmail Account Running Out of Space

gmail account running out of space

From above, we saw many limitations of the manual method. As such, there is no direct effortless way to overcome the Gmail running out of space issue. Above all. We suggest you go with a Full backup of Gmail Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc.

Let’s explore its feature.

  • There are no file size limitations.
  • Quickly download data from your Gmail account.
  • Moreover, gives the option of whether to remove or keep data on the server.
  • One-time investment. And, can download any number of Gmail account data.
  • Also, technical knowledge is not necessary to operate the tool.

Working of the Tool

  1. Install the application in your operating system.
  2. Log in your Gmail id and password in the tool.
  3. Now, select the format in which you want your data in select format. In this Option section, you can apply settings as per your need.
  4. After clicking on the Start, apply filters.
  5. Finally, click on the Start.

In this way, your data will get downloaded into your system, effortlessly.

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, we went through multiple manual methods for a Gmail account running out of space. But, we find some drawbacks while performing them. Therefore, we switch to third-party tested and trusted software. Due to its privacy policy, users can use it without any terror of data leakage.

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