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We give examples of the importance of the selling site in the system of SEO Experts in Lahore – what is its role, what structure the selling site should have.

Almost every organization has its website. The resource is popular with some companies, and it is an additional tool for making a profit. But some firms face difficulties in promotion:

  • Traffic does not grow.
  • The resource does not get into the TOP.
  • Sales are at absolute zero.

To make a website profitable, you need to make it a “convincing sales manager.” It’s appearance should be conducive to trust and purchase. In addition, a website should maximize its visibility in search, and the conversion should be off-scale in all respects. For everything to be exactly like this, you need to try and analyze a lot of parameters.

What is a selling site?

A selling site is an Internet resource that motivates users to take targeted action. This can be a subscription, purchase of a product, registration of a subscription.

The selling site must have the following characteristics:

  1. Attractive design. It should be catchy and make the user want to stay on the page—the method according to the theme of the business. For example, an entertainment website should be in bright colors, while a business resource should be in more restrained, classic colors.
  2. Simple interface. There should be no complicated paths to sections. The user can easily navigate, find the desired product or information. Maximum nesting of pages up to the 3rd level, for example, “Main – Category – Subcategory.”
  3. Fast loading of pages. Slow section opening and slow loading of information test the patience of a potential buyer, which must be avoided.
  4. We are performing basic actions in a couple of clicks. A product or service can be ordered in one click without filling out many fields.
  5. Unique selling proposition is the main difference from competitors. To do this, you need to develop a USP that will make it recognizable and bring additional benefits to the buyer. For example, when booking a tour – a country guide is a gift.
  6. Quality content. Unique, selling texts, high quality, and bright photos.
  7. The presence of a semantic core. The articles contain vital phrases relevant to user requests, a well-thought-out structure of the site based on semantics is implemented.

Types and formats

The selling site can be of different types. First, you need to choose a format based on the specifics of the business, its mission, and its goal.

Types of selling resources:

Business card website

It consists of one or more pages that contain basic information about a company or individual. The goal is to become familiar with a product or organization.

The business card site displays the following information:

  • brief information about the organization (form, services provided, owners);
  • price list;
  • portfolio;
  • contact details: address, phone number, directions, e-mail;
  • additional information: mission, goals, information about employees, history of formation, corporate ethics.

Landing Page

Landing pages (microsites). A landing page is a one-page addition to the leading site to advertise a new product and collect traffic from contextual advertising. An offer is always located on the main screen (the main provide for purchase). It consists of blocks:

  • USP (unique selling proposition);
  • product Description;
  • information about the company or owner;
  • prices – it is best to indicate discounted prices and indicate the period of their validity, for example: “The price of the day is 999 dollars instead of 3000 dollars only until June 25”;
  • customer reviews;
  • Diplomas, certificates, licenses.

When creating landing pages, it is essential not to overdo it with excessive advertising and motivation to take action. This can scare away the visitor. So instead, the main emphasis is on the benefits for the client and the expertise of the specialist (if this is a course) or the help of the product.


Created to promote an event or product. The main goal is to advertise a product or service to attract as many customers as possible. The most excellent attention is paid to the design. The promo must be attended by:

  • infographics;
  • high-quality images;
  • animation;
  • terms.

Online store

The structure consists of sections with goods. They can be purchased, put in the basket. There is a personal account where you can view orders, the availability of bonuses, leave feedback on purchased goods.

Internet showcase

It differs from an online store in the absence of a price and a purchase button. Instead, you can familiarize yourself with the assortment in the catalog and leave a request through a particular form.

Home page

To save the budget, it can be used as a salesman. The layout requirements are similar to landing pages:

  • bright design;
  • catchy headline;
  • an outstanding offer;
  • button to go to payment or to register an application.

The disadvantage will be the presence of distracting elements (navigation, presence of sections).

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