How to Install Hair Patch? Your Simple Hair Guide

hair patch to restore your hair

Hair Patch a relatively prevalent problem in today’s developing situation. Many men and women become victims of pollution and health problems that ultimately result in hair loss. The fact of losing hair and balding spots picks up on their self-esteem and confidence. So, people devise escape strategies by avoiding friends and family. 

However, the good news is that no one has to hide anymore because of hair loss. A ‘hair patch‘ is a solution to live a normal life once again! It is designed to cover a specific area where there is thinning hair and bald spots. But first thing first – you should know how to install them for achieving a seamless natural look. This article will give a simple step-step guide on wearing a hair patch.

What is a Hair Patch?

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A hair patch

Before jumping to the steps of installing a hair patch, it is crucial to know about them. In simple words, a hair patch is a small piece of hair accessories used to conceal certain bald regions of the scalp. It is a natural and effective way to disguise hair loss and bald spots. Ultimately, it increase hair volume and restores hair. A hair patch may come in different styles, lengths, textures, and colors.

Hair patches are available in ready-made or customizable form. A custom hair patch is considered best because you can personalize and work on it to meet your specific needs. In addition, the procedure of installing it is painless. It also doesn’t require any expert assistance in styling because it can be done effortlessly at home. The best thing about the custom hair patch is it doesn’t have any side effects on users.

Steps to Install a Hair Patch

Step 1: Get the accurate measurement

The first step to installing a hair patch is recording the measurement of the affected area (hair loss or thin hair) accurately. Use a tailor’s tape to accurately measure width and length (measure horizontally and vertically on the affected area). When you are done, measure once again to ensure the recorded measurement is correct, and then add one centimeter if something goes wrong later.  

Step 2: Cut the hair patch

If you are not good with scissors and razors, you better leave it for a professional. However, it is not that hard to do it at home – it is easier than you think! First, with a pencil or chalk, mark the measurements on the base of the hair patch. Then, with a pair of scissors or a razor (whichever you are comfortable with), cut the hair patch where you marked earlier. If you are still not confident, DO NOT cut the hair patch at once – take it easy!

Step 3: Clean the affected area

To install a hair patch, you should thoroughly clean the affected area with an alcohol-based cleanser. If the affected area still has some strands, shave it and wash it with soap or shampoo. Let the scalp dry completely. Then soak a cotton ball in alcohol and clean the area to remove fats and oil.

Step 4: Attach the tapes to the base of a hair patch

The next step is attaching tapes to the base of the hair patch. The experts’ advice to every patch user is to make proper placement of tapes. It is crucial because the placements of tapes can either help you achieve a seamless look or expose your hair patch. So, place the tapes on the perimeter of the base leaving at least quarter or half a centimeter gap from the edge.

Step 5: Install the hair patch

Now, take the hair patch over the taped area and make sure it is in the right position before attaching it to the tapes. When the position is perfect, attach it just as you positioned it. Then press it down with your finger gently. Dab them with your palm with gentle force to ensure the patch is secured. 

You are not done yet! Look in the mirror and check it looks uncanny. Then shake your head for a few seconds to ensure the hair patch is perfectly attached.  Now start to work on your hairstyle.

Step 6: Blend it with your natural hair

This step may sound out of the box, but it is as important as any other step. You might have purchased a hair patch that looks just like your hair; however, hair accessories may slightly differ from your natural hair. So, make the texture, color, length, and luster as same as possible. 

Types of Hair Patch

  1. Full Lace Hair Patch

A full lace hair patch is a complete hairpiece for those who want to mask their hair loss without causing damage to their natural hair. A human hair full lace patch gives you a natural look without causing irritation to your scalp.

  1. Custom Hair Patch

A custom hair patch is the best and most preferred type. It allows a user to manage and style as they like. It is the best because you can easily wear them at home without any professional help. If you hate salon visits, this is the one for you!

  1. Permanent Hair Patch

A permanent hair patch is a non-surgical way to fill up bald patches and restore full hair growth. These hair patch alternatives are only available at sophisticated hair salons. It can cost you pretty much but is best if you can afford permanent hair patches.

How to choose a perfect hair patch?

When you are looking online or visiting a local hair store to purchase a hair patch, you need to remember the following points. These points are significant not just for choosing a hair patch, but any hair accessories (wigs, hair extensions, or hair toppers).

  • Choose a hair patch that matches your natural hair in tone and texture.
  • Determine whether the product is made of natural or synthetic fibers (Human hair provides endless styling options and a seamless, natural look).
  • Choose a high-quality hair patch that is long-lasting and looks more natural. When you put it on, it should blend in with your natural hair, and no one should be able to tell you’re wearing a patch.


Don’t panic if you are losing hair! With modernization, the beauty industry has designed a piece of hair accessory to cover hair loss. A hair patch can help you conceal specific areas with thin hair and even bald spots. If you have a perfect hair patch, read the step-by-step guide to install a hair patch and do it yourself at home!

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