How To Grow Shopify Sales Using SMS Marketing?

Grow Shopify Sales

Shopify became a popular eCommerce platform when it launched in 2004; eCommerce is known to grow with billion sales. Along with it, a growing thing over mobile shopping needs to be a crucial part of the evolution of this online consumerism.

The popularity and success of Shopify sales grew with the platform’s integration with many channels. However, the most popular preference for integration for many years is mobile technologies. So, throwing SMS marketing techniques into your marketing mix can be the best solution that ensures you receive a fair percentage of the eCommerce. Using SMS for steering consumers to the sites and developing consumer relations can considerably enhance the Shopify intake.

What is the SMS Marketing for your Shopify stores?

SMS marketing might not be a new marketing channel; it’s been in the marketing world for many years. It simply referred to industries delivering transactions, marketing, and promotional messages to potential consumers. SMS marketing helps share customized and time-sensitive offers, promotions, and alerts with prospects or consumers who opted-in to receive them. 

Powerful ways of SMS marketing to boost your Shopify sales 

1. Great offers for occasions

Many online stores provide:

  • Exclusive coupons.
  • Discounts to occasional personalized offers like birthdays or holiday offers.
  • Wishes that create a thoughtful gesture.

These SMS campaigns could be really helpful to get consumers to buy as the people appreciate businesses who talk and message with a human touch and your marketing efforts. 

“Hey, Joe, wish you a happy birthday. As a birthday treat, we offer 30% off for your next purchase.”

SMS Broadcast for E-Commerce

2. Re-engage with inactive users

Reaching inactive consumers through SMS by using impressive offers could help in getting them back. These campaigns work by sharing exclusive codes with the preferred inactive consumer group you can entice and make them buy something from your business.

There can be changes in the shipping or further policies. To keep your inactive counters notified about these things can be helpful if they thought of shopping from your store in the future.  


Hey Kevin, you haven’t visited in a while, and we miss you. Here is the 20% discount coupon code for your following purchase. Use code WELCOME20 while checking out. 

3. Send alerts or Updates

Another major SMS strategy, such as alerts, segments, or updates, can easily be delivered to people that update customers regarding the orders and other things. That can be sent to inform your customers about the sale, works as a confirmation reminder about order placement, if the order is delivered or shipped, or about your store changes in the policies. These can be crisp and convey the crucial details as possible.


Your order of Nike shoes can be delivered today. Track the shipment through our app. 

4. Reduce Abandoned Carts

 Baymard Institute found that 70% of people easily abandon shopping carts then never place an order. Consumers can be sidetracked to finding the checkout process. 

Cart abandoned carts are normal, but the products enticed people. So, it’s the best time to deliver cart abandonment SMS alerts and reminders to the consumers who abandoned carts.

If you are into finding the card abandoning, then get a solution from Shopify SMS marketing. It is easy to create your SMS marketing conversational that promotes a two-way connection. So, customers can interact with and reply to your SMS, so you could solve the problem that made them reconsider buying. A personalized SMS marketing effectively reduces cart abandonment, showing consumers empathy and knowing why a consumer abandoned a cart. 


Hey, Martha. We have seen you left these items in your cart. Finish the border with a 10% discount. 

5. Win backs the consumers 

You can schedule automated text messages for the maintenance or resupply of services and products. If your store is seeing waning consumers, it’s time to push the traffic by provoking consumers with exciting discounts through SMS. 


Hey, John. We just restocked your favorite face wash with 10% off till midnight. Shop now. 

6. Satisfaction Surveys

SMS surveys offer the best response rates that offer marketers a good chance at capturing feedback instantly! And try to execute modern strategies at the fastest possible minute.


Hey, Ella. We hope your order of Nike Shoes made you smile today. We delivered every order. What do you think about the delivery service? 


Starting with your Shopify stores’ SMS marketing and scaling efforts seems tough, but it doesn’t need to be tough anymore. Guni SMS helps businesses in increasing their engagement and growth by capitalising on the power of SMS through an SMS getaway. Guni has partnered with many business across Australia to improve their Sales, Marketing, Customer Success & Business Processes.

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