How to fix Malwarebytes not Appearing in the Control Panel

Malwarebytes not Appearing

The Malwarebytes antivirus offers various basic and advanced security programs. You can install the setup for Malwarebytes on any platform. Running the setup on the device will prevent all threats. But few Malwarebytes users face errors like the icon is appearing on the control panel. 

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes not Appearing on Control Panel Error:

Update your Malwarebytes

If the Malwarebytes setup is showing any error, you should check for its update. When the program gets outdated, it will start showing errors. Updating the program is necessary for preventing issues with the antivirus. Open the Apps folder and click on Malwarebytes. Tap the Update button and now check for the process. Updating will stop Malwarebytes popups and now you can see the icon on the Control Panel.

Reinstall your Malwarebytes setup

When the Malwarebytes icon is not showing on your Control Panel then you should reinstall the setup. This error occurs when the system is not recognizing the setup. If some program files of Malwarebytes are not working then you have to repair them. But without technical knowledge; editing the program files is not easy. The easiest method to deal with a corrupted Malwarebytes program is reinstallation. Delete your corrupted program and then go to your Malwarebytes account. Reinstall the setup on the system and then check your control panel.

Delete the junk from the device

Your programs can show errors when you have junk files. Users have to remove those files as they are interrupting the programs and various functions. For removing junk, check the temp files. These files often create issues. When the user forgets to delete them, they get stored at a huge quantity and start using the RAM and interrupting other functions. The user has to remove those files to solve the error. Open your temp folder and remove the files. Close all the active programs and run the clean manager utility tool. It is an inbuilt cleaning utility tool that inspects all the files on your device. The cleanup tool will show a list of files you should remove. Choose the items from the list and then select the Ok button. Those files will be removed. After deleting the junk, restart the device and then check for Malwarebytes.

Try to add Malwarebytes manually

If Malwarebytes is not appearing on the Control Panel after restarting then you should try to add it manually. Go to the control panel and type the folder on the search bar. Choose Show hidden files and folders option. Select the View bar option. Click on the Advanced settings and tap on Hidden files and folders. Select the OK button and now the Malwarebytes will get added to the control panel.

Run the Malwarebytes scan

You should also try scanning the computer with your Malwarebytes. If the viruses are getting the setup into an error then scan the device. Close the active applications and search for Malwarebytes. Go to its dashboard and then select the full scan option. The scanning will take some time and remove all the malware. Restart the computer and now check for the setup on the Control Panel.

Remove another security program

Users prefer installing another antivirus with Malwarebytes as it doesn’t show the conflicting issues. But you should use another antivirus when it has different tools. Using the malware scanning tool on both devices will show errors. Check the functions of another antivirus and then open Malwarebytes. Disable those functions and then it won’t show the error. In case, you want to use those functions on Malwarebytes then remove another Software. After removing it, run the scan and then open the control panel.

Repair the Malwarebytes registry files

Registry files can be a cause of the related error. When the program is causing an error, the user has to check its registry files. These files can get into error easily. You have to edit them in the registry editor. Open the editor on the computer and check for the error-causing files. Copy those files and save them with .reg extensions. Click on the files and repair them correctly. Restart the device and check the control panel for Malwarebytes.

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