How To Decide If You Should Build An Ecommerce App

Build An Ecommerce App

Is a website really a requirement for the store owners today? Yes, it has become a necessity for the businesses to have a website. Now along with a website, is an app also important? You can fall behind if you will not adapt yourself with the changing times. It will not be good for your business if you fall behind in the ecommerce world. For blowing the web experience of the visitors, an engaging mobile app can play a very good role in a shop. As per Digital Commerce 360, on comparing desktop traffic with mobile traffic, it was found that mobile traffic was more in 2014. Now I am going to tell you how to decide if you should build an ecommerce app.

How can a mobile app be helpful for my store?

Your business can grow at a rapid rate if you will use a mobile app. For getting a better idea about the experience of the customers who purchase from your site, a mobile app can help you a lot.

Is it not enough to have a mobile-optimized site?

In spite of having an app, it is necessary for you to have a mobile-optimized site. As more and more people are using mobile, so a site optimized for mobile can help a lot in achieving conversions.

What can be the right time for building an app?

1. Create an app when you have enough resources – Don’t spend money in creating an app if you are not completely sure that your ecommerce business will get a lot of help from it. For attracting the customers, you have to grow your online platform. The best time to create this is when enough resources are present with you. Whether you create it in-house or outsource this task, the cost varies accordingly.

2. If your maximum traffic comes from mobile – If mobile is responsible for your maximum website traffic then it is the perfect time to think about creating a mobile app. If the customers say that they are interested in using a mobile phone for purchasing from your shop then you need to focus on creating an app. If they purchase by using a desktop only, then it will not be so convenient for them to do this and as a result it will affect your business too. It will be good for you to provide a more intuitive and richer experience to the customers who use mobile phones for shopping from your store.

3. If instead of getting left behind you want to give tough competition to others – Suppose your rivals have created the apps for performing the business and you have not then you can be left behind. So, it will be good for you to create your own instead of waiting. Giving a new avenue to the customers by creating sites at an early stage will be good for the businesses. So, don’t follow traditional ways of having the websites. You have to think in a modern way for getting success in your business.

Today a lot of growth has been seen in mobile commerce. You can fall behind if you do not take it seriously. It has been found that the percentage of online shoppers in 2015 was 48 %. This percentage increased to 51 % in 2016 in a survey conducted by comScore. The percentage of people who used smartphones for buying something online is 44 %.

Nowadays the customers are no more afraid of purchasing online. Instead, they feel more comfortable doing this. And with the coming of smartphones, online shopping has become so easy for them.

We can say that it is the best time to create a mobile app for your online shop. You need to start thinking over it.If you take interest in getting the services of search engine optimization, digital marketing, designing and developing a custom site then it will be good for you to contact Website Design India. They have a team of web developers that are expert in their field. Some of its web designers have won a number of awards. For serving a large number of clients they can provide very good solutions after consulting from their digital marketers’ team that are Google certified.

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