How To Create A Combination Logo Mark with Icon and Text?

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The importance that your logo holds for your brand can be described as it is the visual symbol. The choices are countless when it comes to different styles and design for logos. Among many logo types, combination logos are one of the most popular and widely used logo type.

As it is evident by the name, a combination logo has both, the icon and the text elements in it. Since they are more descriptive, most people choose to go for these logos because they want their brand to have an association with the icon. A combination logo may work greatly for a new business as it is easier for the general public to remember and recognize your name.

Although not a business, but take an example of a festival like Saint Patrick’s Day. The shamrock is heavily associated with an Irish cultural and Religious festival. This shows how much importance symbolizing an icon, image or a text with something specific holds.

As easy and recognizable combination mark logos are for audience, this article is going to talk about different ways a combination icon can be designed.

Ways to Design Combination Logos

  • Sideways

It is one of the most popular and used way to put up a logo design. To build a logo design laying sideways, the font and icon are placed side by side to each other. For most side way logos, the icon is placed on the left side of the logo while the font in on the right side. The logic behind it is that people should see the icon as the first thing in a logo. Although, it is not any sort of a rule written in stone. The icon can be placed on the right and text on the left, but again, this design sequence in sideways combination logo marks is rarely scene. 

These logo designs are very helpful for people to quickly associate your icon or whatever element you are using, with you brand name.

One of the most popular examples that almost everyone using digital gadgets must’ve seen are of Microsoft, Target and Dropbox’s logos.

  • Stacked on top

These logos are in a design that represent the stack of icon and text. Either the text is on top and icon below, or the logo design is reversed. In both ways, when a person looks at the logo, they can see both icon and text in the combination logo mark simultaneously.

Speaking in terms of space, these logos takes minimal amount of space on canvas and seem compact. Since these logos are in such a compact shape, it is easier for brand to resized them and use on small merchandise.

Famous examples of stack-on-top logo designs are Adidas, NBC, Rolex and Chanel.

  • Integrated altogether

The logos we see that represent the icon and the text altogether, not on top, or bottom, but integrated within each other are another way of using combination mark logo design. When a logo designer has the liberty of using elements like icon and texts, with putting creativity, great results can be achieved.

Integrated logos also seem like a single unit but the icon and text are still separated yet together. This logo merging makes a timeless and classic logo impression on people memory as something unique and creative.

Some of the famous examples that you must have seen out there are Burger King, Budweiser and Intel.  

  • Inside an emblem

Emblem logos are considered as a marker for quality and authority. Because of its official look and appearance, these logos exert an immense power. For logo designers, the emblem logo serves as a shield which encompasses and surrounds the whole logo, including its font and elements.

Emblem logos hold historic importance in logo designing industry and many historic marks fall under the emblem type of logo design. Emblem logos are considered prestigious, honorable, official, and superior.

Some famous example of emblem combination mark logo is Starbucks, BMW, Warner Bros, Harley Davidson, and Volk Wagon.    


For your next combination mark logo project, consider using the above-mentioned 4 techniques of using the icon, text and canvas in a creative way.


For your next combination mark logo project, consider using the above-mentioned 4 techniques of using the icon, text and canvas in a creative way.

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