How To Combine Two Microsoft 365 Email Accounts? Get Your Query Answered

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Plot Summary: Ever think that how to merge Microsoft 365 email accounts safely without any data loss? If you are having the same query then this blog is only for you. Just read this blog and you will find the most reliable and secure software for the same operation. Here are two user queries that we got recently let’s discuss them.

User Query #1

I’m looking for an easy solution to merge 2 email accounts on a single tenant in Office 365.

We have a sales representative who is leaving our organization, and an existing sales representative will take over his email accounts. I want all old emails from representative 1 to be available for representative 2. How can I merge these two accounts without any data loss? Thanks!

User Query #2

Hi, there I am looking for a recommendation!

It’s there any easy way to merge 2 Microsoft Office 365 accounts? Currently, I am doing it manually, I am exporting PST and importing, and I am facing complications as well. So, is there any easy to automate it? Is there any software that can make this task easy and smooth?


As it is evident from the user query the user wants a tried and tested reliable software to combine Office 365 email accounts. Moreover, the user does not want the manual method of export and import PST and or the PowerShell terminal scripts. Also, these manual approaches are quite technical and tough for novice users.

And these methods can lead users to data loss or accidental data deletion over all these users should be aware of Office 365 technicalities as well. Therefore to get over all these complications we have brought a reliable solution for you. Let’s discuss it step by step!

Brilliant Way to Combine Office 365 Email Accounts without Any Data Loss

As there is an absence of a direct way of tool provided by Microsoft for this operation. Therefore we will have to use a professional utility for this purpose. Therefore by keeping the user query and his requirements, we would like to suggest Office 365 Merge Tool.

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This is a brilliant tool for various types of data migration in Office 365, it comes with a demo version. Users can easily download it for free and they can self-verify the working performance of this tool without paying anything. Moreover, the demo version can merge two user accounts for free. 

Software Working Steps to Merge Two Microsoft 365 Email Accounts

Follow the below-mentioned steps to accomplish this task without any hassle.

Step 1. In the very first step, you have to download, install, and launch the above-mentioned tool on your local computer. Now as, you can see we have options to select the different platforms. As, we are working within Office 365, therefore you have to select Office 365 as the source and the destination platforms. 


Step 2. In this step, you will see the list of mailbox items such as email, contact, calendar, task, and document. Alongside a date, the filter is also provided. You may have to select all the desired/required mailbox items from the given list.

Also, use the date filter option in order to merge selective data according to a specific date range then hit the next button in order to combine Office 365 email account.


Step 3. Once, you are done with the workload selection, now in order to sign in to the software, you will have to provide the source and the destination Office 365 admin account credentials like admin ID and application ID in order to merge two Microsoft 365 email accounts.


Step 4. Now before getting into the migration, you will have to create a user group mapping between the source and destination tenant. To make this task a cup of tea, this tool provides three different ways such as Fetch Users, Import Users, Download CSV file. 


Step 5. Once, you get done with the valid user mapping, click on the validate button in order to validate the permissions, and then you can hit the start migration button to merge two Microsoft email accounts easily without any data loss.


Putting It All Together

There are several reasons for which users may need to merge two Microsoft email accounts, however, Microsoft does not provide us any tool or direct way to execute this operation without any complications or errors. We have encountered many user queries for this operation.

Therefore we brought this blog to discuss the top most reliable tool to perform this operation without any hassle. By using the above tool one can easily combine two Office 365 emails accounts without having any prior technical knowledge.

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