How to Choose the Right Foundation Cream for Your Skin Type and Concerns

How to Choose the Right Foundation Cream for Your Skin Type and Concerns

Beauty begins with foundation! There is a reason to state it. Face foundation cream acts as a base for your makeover and keeps blemishes, uneven skin tone, and imperfections at bay. It comes in various shades and textures to cater to the need of different skin types.

Do you desire to get a staple makeup companion to offer you radiance throughout the day? Fret not! This is the right destination. Keep reading to learn how to choose the foundation that suits your skin type and befriend one. 

It’s time to pick the foundation brush and transform your skin’s story!

Know Your Skin Type and Undertone

Have you ever wondered why it is necessary to have knowledge about your skin type, undertone, and concerns before buying foundation makeup online in India? If yes, the blog is right here to serve you the answers. 

To Match the Shade:

There are three types of undertones, namely “Cool,” “Warm,” and “Neutral .”Once you are aware of what category of undertone you fall in, it helps you to find the right shade that compliments your skin tone. Thus the foundation is chosen in a way that allows it to blend seamlessly into your skin and prevent you from having an unnatural and mismatched appearance.

Note: You can follow a Vein test or Tan test to know your skin’s undertone.     

To Prevent Skin Irritation:

Not all foundations are meant for all skin types. Thus it becomes necessary to make a wise decision before buying it to shield your skin from unwanted irritation and acne breakouts. 

To Ensure Longevity:

Once you have found a foundation that syncs with your skin tone, drop all the worries of whether it will last longer or not. The foundation made for a particular skin type will ensure better longevity and performance. 

Find Your Foundation Match

If you are in search of a foundation cream that fits your skin type and concerns, here’s the list you need to go through before buying it. 

Skin Type/ Skin ConcernRecommendations
Oily SkinOil-free or Matte foundation.
Dry SkinHydrating or Moisturizing foundation.
Combination Skin Lightweight, Oil-free, or Powder foundation. 
Sensitive SkinHypoallergenic or Fragrance-free foundation
Acne-prone Skin Non-comedogenic or Oil-free foundation
Mature Skin A lightweight foundation with a Hydrating formula and Anti-aging properties.
Uneven Skin Tone or HyperpigmentationFoundations with buildable Coverage or Color-correcting properties

The Best Face Foundation Cream Online

It’s time to unveil your flawless self with a foundation made of enriching formulas. Check out and pick one that suits your skin tone. 

Buy Deborah Milano BB Cream Foundation -Beige Online

Are you daydreaming about getting flawless skin? Worry not! We have dropped the Deborah Milano Foundation from our curated list to fulfill your dream. It Nourishes your skin, conceals imperfections, and gifts you an uneven skin tone. Shop our first best foundation from Cossouq and never say no to glowing skin. 

Let’s Peek Inside the Product Details:

  • Contains SPF 20 to protect your skin from photo-aging. 
  • Infused with a delicate Violet scent, it smoothes and hydrates your skin. 
  • Suitable for: All skin types. 
  • Preferable for: Wheatish skin tone.

Buy Lyon Beauty USA Fit and Glow Foundation Online

Get, set, and glow using Lyon Beauty USA Fit and Glow Foundation. It boosts the radiance of your skin within minutes. It makes the entire makeup application process easy and gives a fresh look to your monotonous day. Shop this foundation from your reliable online store, Cossouq and make a way to perfection. 

Let’s Peek Inside the Product Details:

  • It is super blendable. 
  • Gives a natural-looking matte finish. 
  • Suitable for: Oily skin type. 
  • Preferable for: Medium skin tone. 

Buy Pierre Cardin Paris – Truly Matte Foundation Online

To unlock your real glow, here’s the lightweight Pierre Cardin Paris – Truly Matte Foundation. It doesn’t allow imperfections to stay longer and compliments your skin tone. Get “porcelain look” matte skin all day long and adore an uneven and blemish-free look. Knock on the door E-commerce beauty platform of Cossouq and stick to your idea to look beautiful. 

Let’s Peek Inside the Product Details:

  • Provide high coverage. 
  • Controls excess sebum. 
  • Suitable for: Normal to oily skin. 

Buy Inglot Amc Cream Foundation Online

For timeless elegance and a dazzling complexion, the water-based Inglot Amc Cream Foundation will prove to be a perfect choice. A mixture of Vitamin E, Peptides, special Polyesters, and Silicone maintains shine. To get a wow-like glow, visit and get your Inglot foundation now. 

Let’s Peek Inside the Product Details:

  • Gives a dewy appearance. 
  • Smooth in texture. 
  • Suitable for: Combination skin types. 
  • Preferable for: People with deep skin tone. 

Buy Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundation Online

Turn on the charm of seamless beauty every time you dab your face with Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundation- Natural tan. If you wish to make your face feel free the whole day, you really need to order this foundation from Cossouq, as it is light in weight and provides full matte coverage

Let’s Peek Inside the Product Details:

  • The foundation stays for 24 long hours. 
  • Made using heat and sweat-resistant formula. 
  • Blends effortlessly. 
  • Suitable for: All skin types. 
  • Preferable for: Uneven skin tone. 

Buy Paul Penders Handmade Moisture Foundation – Sweet Amber Online

Look fresh inside and elegant outside anytime, anywhere! Add Paul Penders Foundation to your beauty bag. It blurs imperfections and provides a dewy look. It lasts longer and provides a flawless base for a perfect makeover. 

Thinking of buying it? Simply type and wishlist the product now!

Let’s Peek Inside the Product Details:

  • It is made of 22 organic herbs, Antioxidant vitamins, and Mineral pigments. 
  • Non-greasy in texture. 
  • Provide medium to full coverage. 
  • Suitable for: All skin types. 
  • Preferable for: All types of skin tones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose a Foundation Cream?

While choosing a foundation cream, take care of the below points; 

  • Consider your skin type ( Normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive)
  • Check your undertone ( Warm, cool, or neutral)
  • Know the coverage it offers ( Light, medium, or full)
  • Check the shades on your jawline or wrist. 

Which Is Better Foundation or CC Cream?

The choice between the foundation and CC cream depends on personal preference and the results you desire. Foundation provides more coverage, ideal for concealing imperfections, whereas CC cream offers lighter coverage with added skincare benefits like color correction and sun protection. 

So consider your needs, skin type, and desired finish you require before making a choice. 


Pick the right shade, drench your skin with the face foundation, and make your presence feel. Buy foundation cream online from Cossouq and elevate your natural beauty. 

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