How Many Ways There Are To Do The Netgear Extender Setup?

Netgear Extender Setup

You may have some area or spaces in your house where you cannot find your wifi connection, thus not able to use the internet in such spaces. If this is the case, then the Netgear Extenders are one of the best solutions.

Netgear Extender Setup is not a hard process to do. You will certainly find an installation manual along with your Netgear router. Though many times the users find the Netgear installation manual quite hard to read and understand.

Also, there are cases when the users have lost their installation manual and then they struggle to do the setup.

But do not worry. You can always use this guide at any time to find the easiest solution for the Netgear Extender Setup.

But before we move further with the installation setup, we would like to tell you the essential things you need to perform the Netgear Extender Setup.

Essential Requirements for the Netgear Extender Setup

As we have said earlier, the Netgear extender installation is not a difficult task. It is a gift of technology which can make your life a lot easier. But still, it would be easier if you have all the following listed things:

● Make sure that you placed your extender and the existing wifi router in the same room. In layman’s terms, it is known as the extender’s proximity to the router.

● Connect your extender to a working power source or wall outlet. The purpose of this is that the extender should get a continuous and significant power supply.

● Next, you should also have a high-speed internet connection in your home.

● Lastly, you should have a few different web browsers installed on your computer or laptop, whichever device you want to connect to your extender. It is so because sometimes, certain types of browsers do not support the Netgear Extender Login page. And so, in such instances, it would be better to have different browsers to try on.

Once you are certain that you have the above-listed things, you are good to proceed further with the setup process.

Different Setup processes for the Netgear Extender

There are some ways in which you can perform the setup of your Netgear Extender:

  1. There is a setup method using the web browser.
  2. You can use the WPS method.
  3. And you can use the Ethernet method for the setup process.

You will find easy steps for each method to do the Netgear Extender Setup in the following sections.

Extender Setup using the Web Browser

Make sure that you have a properly working web browser on your computer. Then follow the following steps to do the setup:

● Firstly, connect your extender to a power source to turn it on.
● Now connect your WiFi-enabled device to your extender network or Netgear_exd SSID.
● Open the internet browser on your device and search for in the search bar.
● This way, you will land on the default Netgear Extender login page.
● Now fill in your Netgear login credentials (username and password) in the respective columns. And then click on the login button. If you experience any issue while logging in, make sure that you enter the correct login credentials as the username and password are case-sensitive.
● Once you have logged in to your Netgear Extender, find the New Extender Setup button and click on that.
● Then an information page will appear, asking you to confirm your basic information like name, password, emails, etc.
● Enter the asked details and then click on the Next button.
● Now, the Netgear Smart Wizard Genie will appear on your screen.
● Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions given by the Smart Wizard to set up your Netgear Extender further.

Please, stick to the instructions given by the Netgear Smart Wizard to complete the setup process. Once you have set up the extender, you can use the high-speed internet by connecting your wireless device. We also suggest you change the default username and password for the extender as soon as you log in.

Extender Setup via the WPS Method

WPS is the easiest way to do the Netgear Extender Setup, as it does not ask for any password. And you even don’t need a web browser to do the setup. Actually, WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. Follow these steps to do the extender setup via the WPS method:

● So firstly, connect your extender to a power outlet to turn it on.
● Then, look for the WPS button on the extender.
● Press the WPS button.
● Now you will see the WPS LED blinking on your router, which means the extender is getting connected to the router.
● Once your extender gets connected to the router, three green lights will light up on your router.
● You can repeat the same process if your router supports the 5 GHz network band. When your router and extender get connected through the 5 GHz network band, you will see the green 5 GHz link rate LED lighting up on your router.

Now your Extender setup process is done.

Extender setup using the Ethernet cable:

Now, if your router is not compatible with the WPS feature, you can set up the extender via the Ethernet cable. Follow these steps to do the Netgear Extender Setup by using the Ethernet cable:

● Firstly make sure that you have kept your router and extender in the same room.
● Then insert the one end of the ethernet cable in the ethernet port of the extender and the other in the router.
● Power on both your router and extender.
● Open any web browser on your wifi-enabled device.
● Then search for in the search bar.
● Now you will see the Netgear Wifi Extender Setup page.
● Log in to your extender using the Netgear username and password.
● Now Select the Wifi network that you want to extend.
● Then select the Continue button.
● Now you have to enter the security settings for the selected extended wifi network.
● Again click on the Continue button.
● Now, wait till the extender applies the settings.
● Lastly, click the Finish button. And your Netgear Wifi extender setup process is complete.

Note that the Netgear_ext SSID will remain the same for your new extended wireless network also.

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