How Interlinking Works in On-Page SEO?


When thinking of link building, the SEO most basic thought that comes to mind is guest posts. No doubt, building backlinks from authoritative dominance is essential to rank better, but you must not forget internal linking. It is known for playing a very important role in determining how content will end up in search engine ranking.

Interlinking is not easy. It requires expertise. Thus, to guarantee the best results, it’s better to take help from SEO Melbourne experts. Besides this, here is a guide which will help you get the essential details.

Internal links- why do they matter?

In simple words, the internal links are hyperlinks that help the visitors to go from one domain to another on the same website. They are generally used in the menus and articles to make it easier for visitors to find information. You can use internal links.

• Helping the visitors navigate the website easily
• Establishing information hierarchy
• Spreading the power of PageRank

It is essential that all the content present on your website must be within reach of the home page. When implemented well, it will be easy for the visitors to navigate your website and find the content useful for them.

When you have a well-organized website with great content, it will provide relevant data to the visitors. Thus, they will stay longer on the website, and you will have a reduced bounce rate. In addition, a great interlinking strategy will ensure all the web pages on your website rank higher in the search engine results.

Building internal link strategy

Follow the steps to develop an internal strategy that helps maximise the benefit.

• Use anchor text

The anchor text is the text which includes a hyperlink for the other pages. Incorporating descriptive anchor text is vital to better understand what they can expect while they click on the link. But remember not to overthink this and simply use fragments from a sentence for your link. Ensure to keep it natural and not optimise the anchor text as you want to attract the readers to click on the link.

• Link deep

When a site contains some navigation value, you can better link opportunities for going deeper into the site structure. Generally, the website owners want to avoid linking their pages present on the top level of the site, especially the contact or home page. Still, it will be beneficial if you dig deep and look for the internal links, as this helps create a natural flow of the content.

• Use natural and relevant links

Internal linking might seem easy, but it is not as you need to be strategic about the placement and selection. You simply cannot add internal links anywhere. They must be relevant. Besides, you must ensure they look natural. The goal must be to make the users see how valuable it will be for them to click on the link. By keeping the links natural and relevant to your content, you can help boost user engagement and your overall value.

• Create content

For internal links, you will require internal pages. This means internal link goes hand-in-hand content marketing. Creating numerous contents will allow you to link better, which will help improve your SEO efforts. Thus, you must ensure that your content is valuable and informative as this will make the users come back to your website for further information.

• Use the right number of links

It is now clear, with increased links on the page, the importance of the page increases. However, despite this, you must still maintain a reasonable amount of links on the website. But one must note, there doesn’t a fixed number for defining the considerable reasonable amount; some suggest 100 to be ideal. It includes every single link present on the website. So you must count the headers and other things too.

However, remember there is no rule to know the right number of links as the essential thing is to deliver value to the users. But as the links on the top of the page hold better SEO value, make sure to put the important ones there.

Take professional help for better result.

Internal linking might seem easy, but it can get complicated as numerous aspects are associated with it. So it’s better to contact good SEO experts in Melbourne for assistance. WEBOMAZE is a reputable organisation that can offer you the right help. They have the best SEO experts who can help you with internal linking and in achieving the goals. So you can rely on the organisation for the best outcomes.

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