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Soaps are used by people every day. They have to wash their hands, body, and face to keep the dust and germs away from the skin. Most people like to use natural soap as they are free from all the chemicals that can harm your skin. You can choose your preferred soap as there are so many in the market. If you have a habit of purchasing a lot of soaps at once you need to store them carefully. Natural or handmade soaps need a lot of protection and care as compared to other soaps.

This is one of the reasons why soap brands make use of sturdy custom soap boxes that are made with quality materials like cardboard, Kraft, or paper. When the soapbox is durable it will not let any harmful element deteriorate the quality of soap. Heat can damage the soap and cause contaminations making the shelf life very low. Consumers don’t like to purchase those products that are not safe for them. When you are using good soap but if you have purchased a lot of soaps for daily use it is challenging to store them. User has to take care of the quality of the soap or else the money they have invested will be lost. How do you store your natural soap? Here are some tips and tricks for you to follow.

Store soaps in a covered container

If you think that it will take some time for you to use the soap it is better to keep it stored inside a covered container. The best thing is that it will circulate the air in such a way that the quality of the soap will not go down. Even the manufacturers of soap will recommend that you store the natural soap in a cool and dry place. Many people use shoe boxes to store soaps at home. If you don’t have any such boxes and prefer using plastic make sure you add some ventilation to the container where you plan to store the soap.

If the place where you have stored the soap is not ventilated well it will make the soap rancid. Using such soap can cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Make sure that you store the soaps where there is no direct light from the sun or else you will not be able to use the soap again. The natural ingredients and color of the soap will fade away and will waste your money too. The storage life of soaps is different depending on what kind of ingredients is used in the making or what the expiry date is. If you store the soap well it can last for about 6-12 months in the storage.

Try to store similar scents together

When you want to store your soap it is better to store those soaps together that have a similar scent. The soaps that are made with ingredients like citrus, lavender, mint, and fruit and floral can be stored together. The essential oils in the hand-crafted soaps are a little different than usual so you have to take care of them in a good way. The dominance of smell in the handmade soaps is different from other soaps so it is better to store each one in a different box. It is good to store a peppermint scent with a mild citrus scent if you are planning to store two of them together. The aroma and real shape of the soap will not get affected when they are saved efficiently in your home. Even when brands are selling soaps in the market they make sure that the soapbox is stored in a dry and secure place.

Use a soap dish that offers clear drainage

If you have started using the soap you will have to keep it safe in the soap dish. The dish should have proper drainage so it can keep the soap dry before every use. The slotted soap dishes come in different shapes and sizes so you can keep them stored inside without any difficulty. The materials used for the construction of these dishes are wooden, ceramic, and plastic. Wooden dishes can easily be used in the showers and they will keep the soaps safe even after you have used them. You can keep these dishes in the bathroom and use them for daily use. If there is a cabinet or shelf available inside the bathroom that doesn’t come in contact with water it will be even better. Ideal ventilation will keep the soaps dry especially between uses. Some people also like to store their soaps inside drawers and linen closets because these areas are cool, dry, and protected from the sunlight.

Use a saver pouch and soapbox

If you want to store your handmade soaps safely make use of a saver pouch. You can place your soap bar inside and close the strings. Even if the soap is wet you can directly put it inside the pouch. When you are not using the soap you can hang the pouch and let it dry for some time before the next use. Most soap brands make sure that they store their soaps well because customers don’t like low-quality soaps. They use custom soap boxes that are made with cardboard and Kraft. It is easy to enhance the shelf life of the soap and enhance sales as these boxes are durable.

These boxes can keep the soap safe for a long time. The top packaging companies offer good quality boxes so the brands can also enhance their sales in no time. When it comes to soap saver pouches they are also available in different shapes and sizes. They are made up of cotton yarn; ramie and plastic mesh. It will enhance the life of your soap and add gentle exfoliating scrub-like qualities. There is no doubt that the handmade soaps have to be stored inside a cool and dry place so nothing can be a better place than your bathroom.

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