How Do You Get Rid of Mice Entering your House?

Rid of Mice

Pest of any type when entering your home brings a lot of illnesses along with them. They enter your home as an unwanted guest and destroy your health as well as your property. Mice are also the most common among them. When a mouse enters your home, it not only damages your property but brings several infestations and attracts other pests along with them.

Mice when entering your home after some time they increase their family and separate fastly. Single feminine mice are capable of birthing 35 babies each year.

As everyone feels comfy in their home and wants no disturbance in the home. Pest enters your home from different ways and once they enter your home. It’s very tough to get free of them effortlessly unless we do safety precautions and treatment.

Now initially see where mice can enter your home.

Bathroom and Crack pipes

Toilets drain and cracks pipes are the main reason we can welcome the unwanted guest in our home. In the rainy season when the gutter fills out with rain, mice frequently find places to save themselves and crack pipes and washrooms are the easy way for them to hide. If you want to get rid of mice or any other pest in your house. It’s important to fix all those points.

Home Kitchen

Pest of any type enters your property in the hunt for food. The kitchen is the best place for them to eat whatever they want. The sense of smell of mice is genuinely fast and they reach out very quickly. To get relief from mice it’s important to clean your kitchen after every meal. Decluttering is very important if you want to get relief from similar unwanted guests.


Entries of our homes are also the same way for the rotten to enter in your homes. They also enter your home from the same place and find out the place where they can easily live and find food for themselves. Cover that area with door brushers.

Messy Apartments and stores

We all have stores in our houses to keep the redundant goods in. As we just put them in it and do not often use that room, it becomes a comfortable place for mice to live and make out with their family and damage our property. Declutter is the easy option to get rid of mice and any other type of pest.

Different ways to say no to mice enter your home

There are several ways which we can follow. We can get relief from not only the mice but also from different pests entering our homes.

Cover all your food particulars in a plastic jar

Mouse enters the house in the down season in the hunt for food and shelter. To get rid of the mouse and their infestation it’s best to cover all your food particulars in the closet in the plastic bottle jar. Put on your cereals and other dry particulars of the houses in a plastic container.

Bring a cat to the home

Bringing a cat to your home is another option. If you want to get rid of the mouse from home effortlessly. They will find out effortlessly where the mice are moving around in the house.


A mousetrap is a common way to catch the mouse from your home. In this way, the mice will not kill but get stuck into the trap. You just have to put a little volume of food in the cage. As the sense of smell of mice is actually strong. After putting the food in the cage, the mice will come and get stuck into the trap painlessly.


Sometimes when you don’t find any way to get free of mice, Poison is the smart result. It comes in a plastic bag that contains poison in it. Make sure to put the poison away from the little children. Place the poison on the place where you suppose that it’s the place for mice to enter.

Seal your entranceways

The hall is also a common way for pests to enter the home. Seal your lobby correctly so there will be mice entering your home from that way.

Garden and landscaping

Cut your shrubs and long trees from the garden. As mice also make their family while living in that place. Keep your garden well organized, so there will be a lower chance of mice and other pests attacking that place.

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