How do I Export Emails from MBOX to PST on Mac?

How do I Export Emails from MBOX to PST on Mac?

How do I export emails from MBOX to PST on Mac? Struggling with a query like this! Want to immediately send PST files to Windows? Looking for a safe solution to convert MBOX to PST on Mac? If yes, then continue reading the article as it has shared a solution that will help you to export emails from MBOX to PST on Mac in bulk with 100% accuracy.

Overview of MBOX & PST Files

MBOX and PST are very popular file formats. Both are supported by their respective email clients and help in saving the important database of the user’s account.

An MBOX file is a type of file format used to store and organize email messages. It is commonly used by various email applications such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, and many others. The MBOX format was initially used by UNIX hosts but is now supported by other email clients as well. In an MBOX file, email messages are stored in a concatenated format, with each message following the “From” header of the previous message. This allows for a large collection of email messages to be stored in a single file.

A PST file, short for personal storage table, is a file format that is commonly used to store email data in an email client such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. These files are particularly useful as they allow users to access their email data even when they are offline and do not have an internet connection.

Why to Export Emails from MBOX to PST on Mac?

However, the problem with these files is that they are platform-dependent. In other words, one will find difficulty in opening their data without having the installation of their supported email application. Let’s get the clear understanding of why MBOX to PST conversion is necessary through a scenario.

Common Query

I have some important MBOX files on my Mac system that I want to urgently send to a Windows client who is using Outlook. The challenge I am facing here is I am asked to convert MBOX files into PST and then send the same to Windows user. But the problem is I don’t know how. So, I am continuously searching for a method that could help me export emails from MBOX file into PST format. If anyone knows appropriate solution of this, please let me know!

How do I Export Emails from MBOX to PST on Mac? – [SOLVED]

MacMister MBOX to PST Converter Mac is a perfect application to batch export emails from MBOX to PST on Mac at once. It is a well-designed utility that helps both technical and novice users to export emails from MBOX mailbox to PST format with attachments with ease. The MBOX to PST Mac app allows users to export emails from any MBOX-based email client i.e. Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, Entourage, The Bat, SeaMonkey, etc. without any issue.

Moreover, the application has several features and options that help users in exporting MBOX emails to PST according to specific requirements. However, the free demo of the tool is available with the help of users who can experience the conversion steps for free.

Working Steps to Export Emails from MBOX to PST on Mac

Step 1. Download, launch, and run MacMister MBOX to PST Mac App on any macOS.

launch MBOX to PST Tool

Step 2. Add required MBOX mailboxes on the application by using dual buttons i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder. Click Next.

Add Files

Step 3. The application now start displaying the list of MBOX files one-by-one with checkboxes. The checkbox is useful to export specific MBOX emails to PST on Mac, if necessary. Click Next.

Selective Conversion

Step 4. Open Select Saving Options menu by clicking on it and select PST format.

Choose PST

Step 5. Set the PST sub-options according to your requirements and start the process by tapping Export button.

PST Sub-options

Step 6. The MBOX to PST conversion process is live and the tool will show Live Conversion Window through which users can track the ongoing conversion status of MBOX files.

Live Process

The process will successfully end by showing a “Conversion Completed” message to users. Click the OK Button that is appearing and then go to the location where PST files are saved. You can now upload them to the cloud or send them to Windows users through a hard drive or any webmail server.


The write-up has explained an incomparable solution to export emails from MBOX to PST on Mac. The MacMister MBOX Converter for Mac is a simple utility that can be managed by anyone easily. It has fast processing and guarantees accurate results in a short time. Download Mac MBOX Converter free edition and know how the app will immediately export all emails from MBOX to PST on Mac with attachments. Moreover, one will be able to export the first 25 MBOX emails to PST on Mac free of cost.

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