How Do I Backup My Office 365 Emails To An External Hard Drive?

Backup My Office 365

Are you looking for an answer to this question about how I can backup my Office 365 emails to an external hard drive? If your search topic is similar to these, Then you find it over here you are at the right web page. All your queries related to backup Office 365 to external hard drive or desktop will be solved here.

Office 365 is the email client developed by Microsoft. It is a combination of several highly productive applications that caters to the daily professional needs of users. The email client that Microsoft offers is embedded with multiple services and advanced features. In addition to managing emails, you can also take the benefits of features like contacts, tasks, journals, calendars etc.

Reason To Backup Office 365 Emails To An External Hard Drive

  1. To access your emails without access to an internet connection. In office 365, you require a stable net connection to access your mailbox.
  2. Users do not want to depend on Microsoft to manage their mailbox data.
  3. To protect mailbox data from any disaster such as Cyber attacks, hacking and accidental deletion and many more disasters.

How To Backup Office 365 Mailbox To An External Hard Drive?

If you are familiar with Outlook and have high technical knowledge then you can opt for this solution, But this solution has some risk or restriction that we have mentioned after the solution. If your mailbox data is not crucial and you can take risks with your data then you can try this solution. Download and configure Office 365 account with Outlook to use Import/Export inbuilt features of Outlook.

  • Download Outlook and run it on your windows machine.
  • Navigate to the file menu then hit on open and Export options.
  • Now, press on the Import and Export option to proceed to the next step.
  •  Import and Export wizard will appear on your desktop, choose Export to a file.
  • After clicking on next, choose Outlook data file then again hit on the next button.
  • Here, choose the mailbox folder as you want to backup.
  • Now, browse the result file location and click on the finish button to begin the process.

Why Do Experts Always Avoid Manual Solution?

  1. It will consume a lot of time and be very complicated steps.
  2. Generally, files get corrupted during the steps.
  3. Any skipped steps will need to repeat the whole procedure again.
  4. Any wrong steps will lose all over mailbox data.
  5. Technical expert is required to perform this operation.

How To Backup Office 365 Mailbox Using Third Party Software?

We recommend you to choose Office 365 Backup Tool is the perfect solution to attempt this process quickly and securely. This software is easy to operate by anyone if they are technical or non-technical users. It will maintain 100% data integrity to prevent any type of data loss.

  1. Download the tool and launch it on your windows machine.
  2. Enter Office 365 login details to configure the account with software.
  3. Choose file format as per your comfort.
  4. At last, choose the output file location and click on save to begin the process.

Highlighted Features Of Using Automated Software

  1. This tool also gives an option to migrate from Office 365 to G Suite, Office 365, Yahoo and any IMAP supported email application.
  2. You can select specific files as per date range, subject, to/receive etc.
  3. This software is a standalone application there is no need to install any other application.
  4. You can Backup Office 365 shared, primary mailboxes effortlessly using the same software.
  5. You can export Office 365 mailboxes to PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG and many more export options.

The Bottom Line

In this post, we  have discussed how to backup Office 365 emails to an external hard drive. We have mentioned both the solution manual as well as the automated tool. In a Manual Solution that has some risk or restriction to prevent them, you can opt automated software to complete this process quickly and safely without facing any error or difficulties. 

In a free version, you can export the first 10 files from each folder to check its working performance and all helpful features. After becoming familiar with this tool, you can purchase the license of the premium edition to unlock its speed and limitations.  You can make your own this software by making one-time investment to use lifetime. Because this software has no expiration date.

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