How Can I Import Outlook Emails to Apple Mail on Mac?

How Can I Import Outlook Emails to Apple Mail on Mac?

Are you tired of using Outlook email client and now thinking about changing it to an Apple Mail environment? But having plenty of Outlook emails on the system that you want to import into your Apple Mail account? Wondering how can I import Outlook emails to Apple Mail on Mac. Looking for a reliable solution to perform the task effectively? If yes, then go through the segment which will show you exactly how to import Outlook emails to Apple Mail on Mac with attachments with 100% accuracy.

Why the process to Import Outlook Emails to Apple Mail is Necessary?

Outlook for Mac is one of the most used popular email clients. There are many individuals and organizations who use the email client for data management. And so, they have a lot of important data stored in the same that they really have to take care of when they switch to a different platform.

However, users don’t face any problems when it comes to moving from one email client to another. The challenge that stands in front of them is the file incompatibility error. Each email application has a unique file format that is only accessible in a respective email client.

Here, Outlook for Mac stores Outlook emails in OLM files. Whereas, Apple Mail supports MBOX format. Both file types are different from each other. And both are acceptable on their respective platforms. In other words, Outlook for Mac will not open MBOX files in its environment and the same goes for Apple Mail.

In order to access Outlook emails to Apple Mail on Mac, it is necessary to convert OLM to MBOX. But first, let’s check some reasons behind the import process.

Some Important Reasons to Import Outlook Emails to Apple Mail on Mac

Apple Mail is a default email application of Mac OS. It is included by Apple Inc. with its operating systems i.e. macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. The email client uses different types of protocols for handling day-to-day email communication.

It uses SMTP to send a message, POP3, IMAP, and Exchange to retrieve messages as well as S/MIME for end-to-end encryption. Also, one can configure email applications with different webmail services such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, iCloud, and Outlook.

Apple Mail is quite a beneficial emailing platform and its advantages are the reasons why users want to import Outlook emails to Apple Mail on Mac.

  • Able to configure the software to receive all user’s email accounts in a single list.
  • Capable to file emails into folders for proper data management.
  • An advanced Search facility helps to search the necessary emails quickly.
  • Ability to automatically add signatures to outgoing emails.
  • Supports integration with contacts list, calendar, maps, and other applications.

How can I Import Outlook Emails to Apple Mail on Mac Easily?

With the help of MacMister OLM to MBOX Tool, users can effortlessly batch import Outlook emails to Apple Mail on Mac with attachments. The software is simple, non-typical, and reliable. It can be operated and managed by anyone without any difficulty. Even, the steps are easy-to-operate as well as time-saving. Users will be able to convert OLM to MBOX in a short time.

Moreover, the application carries plenty of features with that help of users who can import Outlook emails to Apple Mail on Mac according to their requirements. Download the free demo now and know the working steps of the entire process for free.

Working Steps to Import Outlook Emails to Apple Mail on Mac

Step 1. Download, install, and run MacMister OLM to MBOX Converter on macOS.

launch olm to mbox

Step 2. Load important OLM files on the application by taking help of dual buttons i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. Click Next.

add olm files

Step 3. The software will start listing the chosen OLM files on the application with checkboxes. The checkbox is beneficial when a user wants to have a selective import process of OLM files to MBOX. Click Next.

selective olm files

Step 4. Click on Select Saving Options and select MBOX format from the list.

select saving option

Step 5. Apply MBOX sub-options according to your requirements and start the process by clicking Export button.

Step 6. Now, check the live import progress of email files appearing on the Live Conversion Window.

process running

The entire task will take a few seconds for users and complete the process with the message “Conversion Completed”. Click the OK button and then navigate to the Apple Mail email client to import the resultant MBOX files.

Steps to Import MBOX in Apple Mail Account

  1. Open Apple Mail email application on macOS.
  2. Click on File and select Import Mailboxes…
  3. Choose Files in MBOX Format option and click Continue.
  4. Select the resultant MBOX file and press Choose button.
  5. The import process will start quickly and ends by enabling Done button.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Now, a new import folder will appear on the left navigation pane under On My Mac.
  8. Double-click on Import Folder and then click on Inbox.
  9. All the emails will list successfully on Apple Mail account.

You can read the required email message of Outlook in Apple Mail now. However, you will also see that the content of all the email messages is accurate and the formatting properties are also precise.


The entire write-up explains the wonderful technique of importing Outlook emails to Apple Mail on Mac with attachments. The MacMister OLM Converter is simple and powerful. Anyone can use the app and perform the process within seconds. Download the freeware version now and check the working of the tool for free. It also allows to import first 25 OLM emails free of cost.

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