How Can Google Takeout Mailboxes Get Rid of Duplicate Emails?


User Inquiry Recently, I used Google Takeout to backup my Gmail emails. However, I want to delete duplicate emails from Google Takeout mailbox files because I noticed that my Takeout mailboxes contain them. I became confused when I saw several identical results when I searched for certain emails while viewing Google Takeout files. I am having trouble with duplicate emails. Could you maybe provide a professional way to get rid of duplicate Google Takeout emails? I want to get rid of Google Takeout duplicates since I can no longer stand them.

Professional Selection for Eliminating Google Takeout Copy

Install CubexSoft MBOX Duplicates Remover Tool after downloading it to your computer. Takeout exported mailbox files are supported by the tool. A free trial version of this Google Takeout Duplicates Remover is available, which lets you process the first 25 emails from each Takeout mailbox. Before upgrading to the paid version, consumers can simply achieve total pleasure with the demo version, which functions just like the licensed edition.

How Can I Remove Double Emails From My Google Takeout Mailbox?

1: Launch Google Takeout Duplicate Remover, then add mailbox files by using the Select Files or Select Folders options.

2: Now, from the software GUI, choose the necessary Google Takeout files to eliminate duplicate emails.

3: Next, select a mode to get rid of duplicate Google Takeout files inside and between the folders. And press the “Next” button to continue the process.

4: Select “Search Duplicate within the Folder(s)” and “Search Duplicate across the Folder(s)” options, depending on your requirements

5: To eliminate duplicate emails from Google Takeout mailboxes, use advanced filters based on email subject, email address, and date range.

6: Next, select a destination folder by clicking the Folder icon. But by default, the program sets the Desktop as the destination directory.

7: To begin removing duplicate emails from Google Takeout mailbox files, click the Extract button.

8: Duplicate emails from Google Takeout were successfully removed view the completion message. Finally, the program opens the destination path, enabling users to receive the output data immediately.

Features of Google Takeout Duplicate Remover

  • Per user preference, the program allows users to eliminate Google Takeout duplicate emails both inside and between folders.
  • To remove Google Takeout duplicates using particular date periods, email subjects, and email addresses, advance filters are useful.
  • It allows for the immediate elimination of duplicate emails from several Takeout mailbox files without regard to file size restrictions.
  • This software allows the user to freely designate a destination path for the processed resultant files to be stored.
  • The Google Takeout Duplicate Remover produces fresh files as a consequence; it has no effect on the Takeout mailboxes themselves.
  • To discover duplicates based on To, From, Cc, Subject, Body, Attachments, and Time, users can choose which fields are essential.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question 1: Does Google Takeout duplicate email removal require software?

In response: Indeed, you can accomplish this, but there are three key procedures to follow, and each phase requires completion. The steps listed below can be completed for free.

  • First, open Thunderbird and import MBOX files.
  • Next, use Thunderbird add-ons to eliminate duplicate emails.
  • Finally, use Thunderbird’s add-ons to export MBOX files.

Question 2: Can my Windows 11 pc utilize your Google Takeout duplication remover?

The answer is that this software works with both the newest and older versions of Windows OS. Thus, don’t be worried!

Question 3: How can I determine whether or not my Google Takeout mails have duplicates?

The first step is to open Google Takeout files and perform several searches. It indicates that duplicate emails are available if you view the same emails twice or more.

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In Conclusion

If you believe that the downloaded files contain duplicates and you have downloaded the Google Takeout backup into the MBOX extension. After that, utilize the previously described procedures to empty Google Takeout mailboxes of duplicate emails. If you’re searching for a manual way to get rid of duplicate Google Takeout entries, you should also read FAQ 1. Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any additional inquiries.

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