Get High Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

Get High Paying Jobs

It seems that the need to have a degree in order to earn a decent salary as a tech professional is over. Recruiters today are more concerned about the skillset of applicants and the experience they have had in the field than the college from which they graduated. If you have completed an online course and worked in the field, then you are ready to go.

You only need to choose which path you want to follow and what programming languages you would like to learn.

We have provided six high-paying jobs you can apply for without a degree. All you need is the right skillset, and relevant experience to show in an interview.

1. Front-End Web Developer

Front-end developers are responsible for creating interfaces that allow users to interact with the application. The front-end developer is responsible for designing the layout and the functions that users can use. The developer must be able to understand the needs of the user. They must also understand the design principles and programming languages required to create websites such as JavaScript or HTML/CSS.

Frontend developers should be familiar with using RESTAPIs in order to access the data and display it in the user interface.

Front-end developers must also be familiar with the back-end languages and their technologies. The US front end can expect a salary of $106,637 per year. In India, it could be between 4 and 15 lacs INR.

2. Back-End Web Developer

Back-end developers use tools like SQLNode.js to create and implement resources and systems that support the front end of applications. You can also use any programming language, such as Java or Python.

A good back-end program is essential to provide a user experience that is optimal. All logic, data saving and fetching can be done from the backend.

Back-end developers are responsible for systems that enable data scraping, processing and analysis.

They also created a database that holds the application’s information. This includes REST APIs that front-end developers use for data access to the backend and data that is posted to the backend to store it in the database.

The average US back-end developer salary is $122,445. In India, it can range from 4 to 15 lacs INR.

3. Full-Stack Web Developer

A Full-Stack web developer manages the entire web development process. They must be familiar with front- and back-end principles and tools.

Full-stack developers may be asked to create the software from scratch with the assistance of a team or by themselves. They might also be required to improve or troubleshoot an existing application.

Sometimes, Full-stack developers can help with solving problems in web apps when the Cybersecurity specialist finds an issue. Therefore, it is a good idea to know the security aspects of the application for a backend designer.

An experienced full-stack developer in the US can expect a salary of approximately $108,089 per year, while it is possible to earn between 10 and 25 lacs in India.

4. IT Manager

You can earn around $89,000 a year as an IT manager in the US. Your tasks include ensuring that the IT team achieves the company’s goals. An IT manager may report to the CIO, who will help keep high-level concepts in mind and manage their teams.

The IT manager must have a solid knowledge of the technology and tools that are used to drive the IT process. They can then come up with solutions.

India’s IT Manager can make 10 lakhs INR per year. He or she must have strong IT process management skills, knowledge about Network and Security, and be able to enforce compliance for employees using IT devices.

 5. Computer Software Engineer

You can expect to earn around $106,000 annually as a Computer Software Engineer in America. It can range from 5 to 20 lacs INR in India.

This would include the development, maintenance, and support of large-scale software modules.

Most often, software engineers are involved with the initial phases of applicants’ ideation. These connect available technologies to solve problems. The computer software engineer must be able to communicate well with other executives and work with a team during the development process.

As a computer software engineer, you must code solutions that meet the company’s goals and objectives. This includes managing projects and conceiving them. The engineer must be proficient in multiple programming languages and testing.

C Language/C++ and Java are good programming languages.

6. Cybersecurity Specialist

You can expect to earn $114,000 annually if you work as a Cybersecurity Specialist in the US. India should earn 6 to 15 lacs INR.

Your job will be to ensure that all digital assets of the company are safe. This includes everything connected to the network on-premises or remotely.

Specialists in cybersecurity use multiple tools that are designed to strengthen the defenses of organizations. These tools include antimalware software and firewalls.

Firewalls inspect all data entering and leaving the network or devices and check for threats. Anti-malware software inspects data packets and files for malware.

You should check if the 3rd-party modules used by your company are secure. You should inspect the inputs and outputs of a web application to determine if there are any security risks such as SQL Injection, XSS, or other threats.

If you are interested in Cybersecurity, you can begin using Kali Linux. You should also explore open bug bounties.

Yes, a college education might get you a job, but you still have options.


These are 6 jobs you can get without a college education. All you need is the right skills and relevant experience.

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