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Teeth are vital body parts in your life! Not only are they the first responders to your digestive system, but they can make a great first impression—so you deserve an attractive, fully active tooth set. If your teeth need a good makeover, a crown may be just what you need.

A dental crown is an artificial cap designed to strengthen a tooth when the tooth’s tissue is not enough to keep it functional. Each crown is customized for your individual needs and structure by the best dentists in Tijuana, Mexico, and is made from various materials but usually porcelain or ceramic.

Crowns can serve as fillings, protect a weakened tooth from cracking, and can also be used to cover stained or worn teeth. They are fabricated to improve the functionality and looks of one or more teeth. Crowns restore broken and badly moldy or discolored teeth. Crowns also close the dental implants and form the dental bridge.

If You Need a Crown

Normally, you have to go to the dentist twice to get a crown. The dentist creates a plan and prepares the tooth to suit your specific needs at the first visit. You’ll also get tooth marks so that the crown can be made to fit snugly over the natural tooth. On the second visit, your crown is installed and permanently fixed. This makes it very stable and long-lasting.

In some cases, a crown can be designed, manufactured, and placed in a single visit by a Tijuana cosmetic dentist with the support of advanced technology.

Crowns can be made from a different material, and each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Consult your dentist when selecting between crowns made of resin, porcelain, or metal.

The First Visit

At the first visit, the dentist will take a pattern of your tooth and send it to a technician who specializes in making crowns. The new crown will be designed according to your teeth’ color and provide the perfect fit. It can often match your teeth’ color so that it will blend in.

To optimize space for the new crown, your dentist will now organize portions of the existing tooth and prepare a surface on which the crown will be placed. If too much tooth area is missing due to mold or damage, the extra filling material will be used to create a structure large enough for the crown to place on.

After the tooth is reshaped, specially designed paste and mold trays create an impression of the tooth and its adjacent area. Impressions are adjusted to match your typical bite size.

The first visit ends with your dentist placing a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it and keep it functional until the final crown is implanted at the second visit. 

The Follow-Up Visit

In the follow-up, a permanent crown will be installed. Your dentist will take away the temporary crown and check the new one for fit and color. Your dentist will clean and refinish the frame to remove any wreckages or faults.

To complete the procedure, Tijuana cosmetic dentist precisely confirms the fit of the new crown. The crown surface will be placed down if required to match your bite.

This follow-up visit will typically last about 50-60 minutes.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

The crown is a more restorative dental treatment in both form and function. Because crowns are individually created, your Tijuana cosmetic dentist can pay exclusive attention to each tooth to make sure it seems and functions like a natural tooth.

Form: Crowns look entirely natural and are designed from materials that fit your teeth, don’t get dirty, and they fill your smile with an attractive set of shining whites!

Function: Crowns reside snugly in place, they protect your teeth from decay and damage, and they are comfortable, fit comfortably in your mouth. If cared for properly, they can last a decade or more.

Getting & Maintaining a Crown

You can take care of a crown the same manner you do all your natural teeth. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting your dentist frequently. Avoid using your teeth in open packaging and bottles to keep your crown secure.

It may take some time to get used to the feel of your newly crowned tooth, but after a short time, it will feel totally comfortable and natural, much better than before!

If you’re interested in a crown, get in touch with the best dentists in Tijuana, Mexico today, and you’ll be on your way to a new smile in no time!

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