Five food Dishes To Try in Hawaii

food dishes to try in Hawaii

When planning to visit Hawaii for a vacation, people already expect the richness, vividness, and uniqueness of the scenery that would make them include this state on their bucket list. People can enjoy nature trips in Oahu that give peace while hiking while they witness the beauty of nature.  Also, they can enjoy by refreshing themselves with cold water from the waterfalls at the end of the trek. Additionally, cultural tours in Hawaii make people understand the history of the place. They can have the opportunity to explore historical and remarkable places that describes Hawaii. There is no doubt that Hawaii can help a tourist, explorer, and adventurer escape a toxic and busy life. Apart from exploring places and taking on adventures, Hawaii has local dishes and delicacies tourists must try to experience the authentic taste of the state.

Hawaiian cuisine traditionally consists of fruits and vegetables freshly grown on volcanic islands. Also, fresh fish is one of the main proteins in Hawaii aside from chicken and pork. By combining different flavors from the locals and immigrants, the Aloha state settled with a unique fusion of cuisines which left a mark of creativity.

Kalua Pig

If you want to try Hawaiian cuisines right after exploring places, Kalua pig is the most recommended pork the state could offer. It is the most traditional cuisine Hawaiians can serve for tourists. The process to cook this popular pork dish is through an imu or underground oven that takes 6-7 hours for tender pork. They shred the Kalua pig and serve it with cabbage and rice.


On the other hand, you can also try a Hawaiian dish that is a traditional filler starch, a thick paste made from taro roots. It is a low-fat food called Poi. For this dish, they bake or steam the taro roots before pounding them. Then, they add water to create a purple and sticky consistency. Also, this food is sacred; people are not allowed to speak in anger or argue while eating this dish to respect its sacredness.


You can also try Hawaiian snacks while walking around places to prevent the attack of hunger while roaming around. You will surely see spam musubis everywhere and purchase heart hunger-fix snacks in convenience stores, malls, gas stations, and supermarkets. With the combination of spam from Hawaii and seaweed snack called nori in Japan, spam musubi became a snack that fights hunger. This snack has grown popular in the islands of Hawaii, and the way people eat spam musubi is by placing the spam on top of the rice and wrap it with a nori sheet, which you can also make at home.

Lau Lau

As the Poi dish uses taro roots, Lau Lau, on the other hand, is a dish that uses the leaves. Lau Lau translates as “leaf leaf” and is a term used to describe the cooking process. It is another traditional Hawaiian cuisine, describing mixed pork fat and a fish dish served in Luau. To prepare this dish, they wrap the fish and meat in taro leaves and cook in an underground oven until it reaches the tenderness and the smoky flavor of the pork. Locals serve Lau Lau with rice and other Hawaiian dishes like Poi, Kalua pig, and salmon.


And, of course, Hawaii is tropical state rich in fresh and exotic fruits – the state is famous for sweet pineapples. Aside from pineapples, Hawaii has an impressive production of other fruits such as mango, papaya, passion fruit, guava, and other fruits you can find in a tropical place. Also, Hawaii offers a variety of exotic fruits like rambutan, dragon fruit, and breadfruit.

Hawaii is indeed a place that you can describe as a paradise. With its picturesque scenery, cultural sites, and cuisine, you can relax, enjoy, and explore the Aloha state without feeling any regret.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend your vacation, most people will urge you to visit Hawaii. It’s a real-life paradise perfect for unwinding all the exhaustion you absorbed while working in the bustling atmosphere of the metro.

Natural spectacles-turned tourist destinations can calm your nerves and allow you to escape for a while from the duties and responsibilities. You could also visit historical landmarks, like Byodo-In Temple, that played a significant role in the lives of Hawaiian inhabitants through tours from Waikiki. 

But wait, there’s more to Hawaii you shouldn’t miss. You can check out this infographic by Go Hawaii Tours for more details about the famous dishes to try when you visit Hawaii. For more information and inquiries, call Go Hawaii by contacting 1-808-926-3090 or through our contact page.

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