The Five Most Important Factors to Consider When Creating a Website for a Dentist


Your smile is supposed to be an important characteristic of your personality. Well, if your smile isn’t fixing things straight for you and makes you insecure, then you might need to set your teeth right. A dentist helps in boosting the confidence of people by giving them their desired teeth and smile. But their profession isn’t easy. One of the greatest difficulties they face is competition in their industry. It gets challenging to grab the attention of potential patients. If you face such challenges, then consider making a dentist’s website

Today’s potential patients look for dental care providers on the internet before they schedule an appointment. They not only check for your reviews online, but they also search if you have a website. Your website will give them that first impression, and you can convey your expertise and competence through it. If you are planning to host a domain, you should know some of the essentials for your website that you should consider staying ahead of the competition. 

Important Factors of a Dentist’s Website

Presently, there are billions of websites online. Many organizations and professionals invest in it because a website makes your work easy. It enables people to find you, know your services in detail, and book it at their convenience. But if your website is not good enough for them to search through, you won’t get leads. There are some elements you should keep in mind before making a dentist’s website. Keep on reading this post to know what they are and how they can be helpful.

1. Be trustworthy

Your homepage will build trust in your potential patients. On the homepage, you can highlight your degree, awards, and interests. Besides, you can showcase your office’s photos, events, and staff. You can ask yourself questions like, 

  • What would your visitors like to see on the home?
  • How are you different from your fellow dentists?
  • Which dental services do you provide?

Answer these questions creatively on your page. This will create authenticity. Show your professional self and let it impact your clients.

2. Add feedbacks 

Many dentists get hesitant to post any patient’s video testimonials on their website. Sometimes, they feel insecure about the quality of the video. You don’t need a professional videographer for this. Use your phone and record honest feedback. Take the patient’s permission and upload it to your site.

Moreover, you can also upload written feedback with your patient’s name and profession. You can further add a feature to your website wherein the patients can organically add a photo of their perfect smile. The visitors who will come to your website will be assured of your service through actual patient experiences. 

3. Attach call to action

People are busy nowadays in their life. An online booking option helps them contact you in a few minutes and clicks. Tell your site visitors what they have to do next. For this make sure you add a call to action to every page of your site. It can be a book for appointment CTA, inquire CTA, or redeem an offer CTA. Besides, make sure that your website has your clickable phone number, address, emergency number, and chatbot for 24/7 customer service. 

4. Show offers and promo codes

Everyone likes a discount or a free consultation. When you offer a promo code on your website, you’ll get a new lead, and your patient can get a reduction in their treatment. This converts your visitor into a regular patient. It’s the process of giving and taking that brings results. Moreover, you can always talk on the phone with your patients before they come to your clinic. This prevents people you cannot treat from coming. You should remember to be polite with your patients because a calm approach will keep them coming back to you.

5. Mobile-friendly dentist’s website

According to research, 40-50% of people own a smartphone. This has made mobile phones a dominant factor for internet traffic. Many people use phones and search google whenever needed. It’s a lazy task for many to open laptops merely to search a website. Therefore, mobile optimization is necessary. In your mobile-optimized website, you should have an engaging design, workable features, and speed. Let your visitor have a positive experience on their phone, anywhere and anytime. 

Wrap Up

Marketing has become one of the crucial factors of one’s growth. A website can help you have a 24/7 online presence, increase your credibility, give relevant information to users, help them book you, and much more. Before updating your dentist’s website, remember your ideal patient. Add your website’s features, design, and content according to them while maintaining your authenticity to increase leads. The best bet here is that you hire a web design and development company while you keep doing what you’re good at – serving your patients.

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