Facial Recognition System: An Effective Tool For Enterprises To Enhance Their Security System

Facial Recognition System

A facial recognition system is a software application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video. The system creates numerical representations by analyzing images of human faces. The face recognition technology is typically used in security systems and can be compared to other biometric systems like a fingerprint or eye iris recognition systems. As per some reports, the present facial recognition market is estimated at $3.2 billion and is expected to grow to $7 billion in revenue by 2024 at a CAGR of 16%.

Though face recognition technology is used in assorted industries to serve different purposes, in recent times, it has gained much attention for safety and security purposes, marketing tools, and business intelligence. People and various enterprises are seeking out new and innovative ways to use this technology to enhance their daily lives. Today, the face recognition system is most commonly used in the retail sector, sports arenas, university campuses, airports, and in various other fields.

How Facial Recognition Technology Works?

Well, facial recognition is an AI-based technology that identifies human faces. For successful face recognition the technology uses different aspects. These aspects include the shape of the cheekbones, jawline length, eye sockets depth, and more. It collects all these data to remember the identity of a particular person.

Key Features of Face Recognition Solution

Enterprises that are planning to implement facial recognition solutions in their security process, must consider certain important features for the best possible results. These features are live face detection, face analytics, fast face matching, face posture tolerance, face spoofing, encryption, decryption of images, training and building model, video support, etc.

Benefits of Face Recognition Technology for Enterprises

Now let’s look at some of the key benefits of face recognition technology for enterprises:

  • Improved Security: The first and foremost benefit of face recognition technology is that it can be used for surveillance purposes. With the help of this technology, enterprises can easily track down any suspicious activity, burglars, thieves, or other trespassers. The technology is also being used by government organizations to identify terrorists or any other criminals with the help of a face scan system. The technology is also beneficial for personal use as it can be used as a security tool for locking personal devices like phones or laptops and also for personal surveillance cameras. The best thing about this technology is that it cannot be hacked as there is nothing to steal or change, like in the case of a password. So, it is safe to use and provide enhanced security.
  • Quick Processing: Face recognition technology works very fast. The whole process of recognizing a face takes a few seconds, which is extremely beneficial for enterprises. Today, companies search for a quick and secure way to identify people, especially where there is a risk of constant cyber attacks and advanced hacking tools. Facial recognition provides instant results in the form of efficient verification of a person. The added bonus one can get by using this technology is that it is difficult to trick this technology.
  • Flawless integration: Another key benefit of facial recognition technology is that it provides seamless integration. Enterprise can easily integrate this technology into their system as it doesn’t need additional expenses on its integration. The best thing about this system is that most facial recognition solutions are compatible with different security software.
  • High Accuracy: Earlier the identification of a person in enterprises used to be performed manually by security guards, which is a time taking process and did not boast accuracy. However, with the arrival of the facial recognition system, the identification process has become fully automated. The technology not only provides identification results in seconds but also delivers incredibly accurate results. The use of 3D facial recognition technology along with infrared cameras has further increased the level of accuracy of facial recognition.


Since the technology possesses so many benefits, enterprises demand a facial recognition system that is highly advanced with end-to-end encryption. Nowadays, there are many software and solutions providers in the market that can develop a customized face recognition system to meet the varied requirements of enterprises. This high-performance, scalable, and the customized system will not help in getting faster image analysis for human verification but can also promote authentication and advanced security.

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