Extend The Life of Your Fabric Sofa with Proper Cleaning and Maintenance


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The couches and Fabric sofa form an important part of the home décor. The couch is a piece of furniture that is also used for the maximum part of the day. It is used by many people for dining and watching the latest web series on. Children love to sit on it or use it for their playtime hobbies like colouring, drawing and painting. The couch is also an instrumental piece of furniture when entertaining guests or friends.

Toddlers love to have their meals while sitting on it. As a result, the couch catches stains, dust, dirt and it becomes a hotspot for germs too. Hence, regular Couch Cleaning Norwood becomes necessary for all households that have couches that are in regular use. Couch cleaning unfortunately is among the most neglected aspects and it is indispensable to maintain hygiene in an impeccable manner. As that will also ensure its long life and increase the indoor air quality.

Spot treatment

Stains on the couches and sofas are not common when there are mischievous kids and pets also in the household! Spot treating stains as and how they happen is a big factor in preventing the stain from going deeper into the fabric. Learning to spot treat stains can also save the fabric from damage in the long run. Do not forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions given on the tag as you may risk spoiling the sofa with the use of wrong cleaning solutions or techniques. Alternatively, you can also opt for professional Fabric couch cleaning Adelaide services for swift removal of stains from your couch.

Cleanliness of cushions and using it on both sides

Cushions of the right colour combination accentuate the look of the couch. But their cleanliness needs to be maintained too. For that you should machine wash the cushion covers from time to time to prevent any dirt build-up inside. Also, do not forget to flip and use the cushions from time to time as well. Using them on both sides is essential for uniform wear and tear. Do not forget to flip, rotate and turn each cushion. You also can change their positions each time to give the room a brand-new ambience.

Regular vacuuming

The vacuum is your best friend when it comes to maintenance of your fabric couch. It takes out surface level dust and dirt alongside the build-up inside inaccessible and narrow places on the couch. Vacuuming is also useful in penetrating the other areas like the base and the other portions of it for proper cleaning and dirt removal. Vacuuming it once a week can prevent dust and dirt from getting caught in the sofa and dirtying the upholstery.


Using vinegar and baking soda

You can protect your fabric couch from catching stubborn stains with the help of baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda is essential to kill the bacteria, germs, stains and other impurities while cleansing the fabric. The acidic properties in vinegar are essential in altering the PH levels of the surface and hence in elimination of the stain altogether. You need to combine 2 portions of baking soda and 5 tbps of vinegar to use this solution for stain removal. Leave the solution on the stain after applying it onto the surface. Clean the surface with a damp cloth after 10 minutes.

Management of mould and mildew

Water related disasters are known to damage couches and sofas badly. If your sofa has suffered damage due to any incident related to water damage then there is also a possibility of moulds and mildew afflicting the sofa. However, you can carry out damage control with just baking soda, vinegar, and lime juice. Together these 3 elements can remove stains, bacteria and moulds effectively. This solution is the simplest way to deal with cleansing the couch while also doing away with the mould and mildew growth. Mix one spoon of baking soda, 3 spoons of vinegar and one spoon of lemon juice. Mix it well and supply on the molds or mildew.

Use the entire couch and not a specific spot

Using the different places on the couch rather than just one fixed spot is better for the durability of the couch. Every so often, one tends to occupy the same spot on the couch habitually, which could lead to a faster decline of fibers in that particular area of the couch. You need to keep changing your place so that the fabric wears out uniformly.

Protect it from sunlight

Fabric sofas in appropriate colours can also enhance the environment in a commercial property. Keep the sofas and couches away from direct sunlight. Direct rays of sun falling on the couch can fade out the shades and make it look duller before its time. Hence it is necessary to keep the couch at a distance from the window. For taking better care of your fabric sofas and also to extend its lifespan you can opt for Fabric Sofa Cleaning Adelaide services. Couches and sofas that are in a good condition can enhance the ambience in an office and also make a good impression on the employees, visitors and clients.

Using fabric protection

Investing in a good fabric protector can also safeguard it from stains in future. Upholstered fabrics also have a tendency to get worn out over time and faster particularly in the more used parts like the backrest, armrest and the seats. Fabric protectors applied by couch cleaning Findon professionals will not just safeguard its delicate fabric but will also be selected according to the fabric type.

Couch cleaning Adelaide is an outstanding service provider that deals with providing cleaning, servicing, and stain protection services for couches of different fabric varieties. Reach out to us on 0482074173 for an appointment. All your couch cleaning concerns are solved under the same roof by our expert technicians and couch cleaning personnel. We also provide emergency and same day cleaning services.

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