Everything You Need To Understand About Hairfall this Season

Understand About Hairfall

Hair fall has become a regular problem nowadays for women. Because of using hair products containing harmful chemicals, the hair is getting severely affected and eventually falling off. And hence most people are relying on herbal care products for their hair. However, hair products are not the only problem.  Sometimes, hair fall can also be a symptom of many serious health problems. 

Symptoms of hair fall

Irregular hair fall can be recognized and taken seriously when-

  1. The hair is thinning out more than usual in the crown part.
  2. Bald spots or patches appear on the scalp.
  3. Some specific areas on the scalp are happening to be itchy.
  4. The natural density of the hair is reducing all of a sudden.
  5. Apart from the scalp, other body parts with hair on them are also starting to lose hair.

The reasons behind hair fall

Several issues are there that result in hair fall. The issues vary from one person to the other. Some of the common ones are-

  • The lack of proper daily hair care

The hair can be affected due to long exposure to the sun, bearing excessive humidity or dryness, on the contrary, coming in contact with extreme heat for a prolonged period, and too much or too irregular practice of washing the hair.

  • The application of the wrong shampoo

Shampoo should always be chosen based on the needs and demands of the hair. If a wrong shampoo is applied to the skin that does not fulfill the hair requirements, then it may result in adverse effects.

  • The deficiency of adequate nutrition

If the body suffers from malnutrition, the hair can be affected too. Proper intake of vitamins and minerals is necessary for the growth of hair. These nutrients maintain the health of the hair in addition to that of the body.

  • The role of genes

The genetic patterns take part in deciding the hair type. Therefore, the problem of hair fall can be inherited from generation to generation. In this case, only proper medication and nourishment can help.

  • Issues concerning health

There are some health issues, which take a toll on hair fall. Problems like Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Thyroid complications can cause severe loss of hair.

Things to follow to lessen hair fall

To reduce hair fall, a change in lifestyle and daily hair care routine can help a lot. Here is how!

  • Washing the hair properly.

It is one of the necessary practices to lessen hair fall. The hair should be washed with a proper shampoo and a conditioner. This process needs to be followed at least three times a week.

  • Balance in hair styling

Styling the hair differently is not a bad thing to do. But some precautions should be considered in this case too. Avoiding hair colors, ironing, frequent and complicated styling can reduce hair fall. These practices participate in decreasing the natural density of the hair.

Deal with the frizz:

Generally, the hair looks frizzy when it is dry, damaged, or weak. But hair serums can deal with this problem. The silicone nourishes the hair from within and adds some volume to it through the coating, making the hair look healthier.

  • Massaging the hair

Massaging the hair regularly reduces hair loss. It enhances the blood circulation on the scalp. Besides, it boosts up the process of new hair growth and releases mental stress.

  • Drying the hair out properly

Drying the hair with a towel or a rug is not the right way. It can cause hair breakage. Rather pressing out the moisture gently and then letting the hair dry in the air on its own helps reduce hair fall.

  • Changes in lifestyle

Apart from the external factors, there are some internal issues too that can result in hair fall. Proper nutrition to the body provides good health to the hair. Reducing mental and physical stress helps a lot too. Meditation can be attempted for this purpose.


In recent times, excessive stress, frequent hair styling, and applying chemical products on the hair increase the problem of hair fall. But taking proper care and maintaining some healthy habits may cure the problem. However, people are becoming more conscious day by day. To avoid harmful chemicals on the hair, they are inclined to buy hair products that are completely natural.

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