Everything You Need To Know About MEAN Stack Developers (2021)

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MEAN stack development services

Currently, MEAN stack development services have become very trendy and popular. The actual reason behind its popularity is that MEAN stack development services are very easy and flexible. There are so many companies that are eager to hire MEAN stack developers.

MEAN is an abbreviation for:

M – MongoDB

E – Express

A – AngularJS

N – Node.Js

MEAN stack development is a blend of Express Js, MongoDB, Node Js, and Angular Js. Let’s look into them in detail.

1.       MongoDB

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that will store all of the data for the application. It enables developers to easily change the layout of the data that is being stored.

2.       AngularJS

A client-side application called AngularJS. MongoDB stores information in a JSON-like format, and AngularJS enables clients to send and receive JSON documents with ease.

3.       Express Js

Express Js is a programming language that makes it simple to build web applications. It has a much more user-friendly interface for building request endpoints, handling cookies, shaping responses, and managing routes.

4.       Node Js

RESTful API server is created using ENode.js and Express. When you need to connect the app server and MongoDB, Node.js is used.

Benefits of MEAN Stack Development

The world of software technology is constantly changing. It’s evolving every second. So, why use the MEAN bundle specifically to build an in-house business system? The answer is – the MEAN stack’s ingredient components are well-liked and accepted by the community.

It is well-known and is built using the MVC architecture. It’s completely free. Notably, both the front-end and back-end of a MEAN web application are built using only JavaScript. As a result, it is entirely event-driven and lightweight.

Node.js, which is part of the MEAN stack, provides a non-blocking I/O model to the MEAN website, resulting in a real-time response. In layman’s terms, most documents in the digital era are still in HTML/XML format, and the MEAN stack is built around HTML – at its heart, eliminating reliance on other programming languages. As a result, there will be no mismatch between your website and machine language.

MEAN is a well-known system that has been proven to work with a large number of developers all over the world. A vibrant and supportive online community has sprung up as a result of the many enthusiastic developers who work with MEAN. You just have to Google a problem to see how detailed the solutions are and how interconnected the harboring is.

This is just because MEAN Stack is a tried-and-true tool for developers, and you can use it without reservation. In reality, Node.js is being used by everyone, from small start-ups to tech giants.

Services You Can Avail from the Best MEAN Stack Development Company

The top MEAN stack developers in India will offer you all the services that you need. The services are as follows:

Application Development

MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js provide the resources you need to support your enterprise. A website is not enough to manage day-to-day operations. There are several other software packages available, such as Help Desk, Accounting, CRM, Collaboration, and Live Chat. They aren’t included with WordPress by default. For that, you should hire a MEAN stack developer.

You Can Have CMS for Your Mobile Application

I know you know your way around the WordPress/Magento backend. I’m also aware that 0% coding is needed for tasks such as adding a new scroll bar, taking a backup, and so on, as there is a user-friendly menu bar and a content management system (CMS). Have the same features in your mobile app as well. Add a reliable and consistent CMS and some MEAN stack programming to the formula.

MEAN Mobile Application Hosting

There are a variety of ways to promote your mobile app. Take, for example, the fact that it can be released on both Google Play and the Apple App Stores. Alternatively, you might do so.

The Microsoft Store can also be used to host a mobile app. Unlike Native Applications, MEAN stack applications do not need any platform-specific configurations to run. With this, the MEAN stack development cost can be reduced significantly, and publishing becomes fast.

Migrate Your Mobile Application to MEAN Stack

Suppose you bought a smartphone or other business application by mistake. This smartphone or application is written in an operating system-specific language, such as Swift or Kotlin. Now it is possible to re-create a similar replica that will now run on all platforms.

Not only that, but it will sync with your website in real-time to display the most up-to-date information. The MEAN stack developers ensure that no data will be lost. The past is irreversible; however, you have control over the future.

MEAN Mobile Application Questions and Answers and Testing

As a company, you may have many questions about the application. You need to be very sure that the MEAN stack application development is done properly. Do the below questions look like a list of your questions?

  • How will the business application work?
  • Are there plenty of errors on a variety of screens in your mobile app?
  • Would it have any bugs?

I am sure there are many more questions. The top MEAN stack developers in India believe in resolving the problems before it becomes a headache for you and becomes a major problem for developers. Recommendations can be very helpful sometimes.

MEAN Mobile Application Maintenance

Backing up, restoring, and making small changes aren’t the only things that maintenance involves. However, depending on the budget and contract terms, it can also include feature enhancements, training, knowledge exchange, and even significant upgrades.

We at Bytes Technolab also offer good discounts if the customer is with us for a long time. Shops of all sizes and shapes may benefit from maintenance packages. It could cost as little as $30 a month.

Final Words

I hope you are totally aware of MEAN stack development. MEAN stack development is very popular nowadays because of its effortless and flawless services. Developers from all over the world are interested in MEAN stack development and are really good at it.

By looking at the benefits and services that MEAN stack provides, you now know what to look for when hiring a MEAN stack developer.  

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