Event Ticket Types You Can Leverage at Your Next

Event Ticket Types

Event Ticket Types – If you think that the sole purpose of an event is creating entertainment, then you are wrong because an event is much more than that. It is a forum for creating new business opportunities, networking opportunities, highlighting important issues, and starting some direly needed debates. This is why planning an event requires expert skills and immense time.

However, all of your planning does not guarantee the success of the event until and unless you plan for attracting the attendees too. Moreover, you will also have to consider the modes you can use to generate revenue. This is where event ticketing comes into the picture and can help you attract the target audience as well as earn. The catch is that you need to leverage different types to attract various groups of society.

Give a detailed read to this article to learn about event ticket types you can leverage at your next event.

Top 7 Ticket Types to Offer in Your Event

If you think that tickets are nothing more than a pass that can help attended join your event, then you are mistaken. Although it is the major purpose of tickets, they also trigger the interest of the public ad create event hype if you use the perfect design. Moreover, you can optimize them to target different sections of society and attract them to your event.

 Here are some of the major ticket types you can offer to the people interested in joining your event.

1. General Admission

The very first type of ticket you can leverage at your event is general admission. It is the standard ticket type that comes at a standard price. The general admission often constitutes almost fifty percent of the event capacity. Some organizers may major attention to the designing and content of their tickets and even hire event companies in Abu Dhabi to let the experts share their insight and make sure the tickets sell as soon as they open registration.

2. Groups Packages

The second most common type of ticket you can offer at your event is the group packages. Group packages often come in numerous options like for two, five, ten, and twenty people. Group packages are often for couples, friends, families, employees, and other large groups of people. They come at a little e discounted price as compare to general admission to encourage more ticket sales.

3. Special Offers

Another common type of ticket you can offer at your event is special offers. At times, the event organizers offer a vast range of special offers fulfilling or following, which can earn the interested people entry to the event. It can have specific criteria like specific age groups, people having birthdays on the event date, or people with special abilities to create a hype of their event at an advanced level.

4. Early Bird Discounted Tickets

Another common type of tickets organizers leverage at their events is the early bird discounts. It means that the first few people or tickets for forts few days come at discounted prices. The discount can be as minimum as ten percent or as much as fifty percent. It all depends on the strategy of the organizers to attract more and more attendees to the event.

5. All-Access Pass

One of the most special types of event tickets is the all-access pass. At times, the entrance to the event does not require a ticket but exploring various activities and stations requires a separate ticket. The organizers of such events offer all-access passes at discounted prices to help the attendees enjoy a holistic experience without having to spend separately on each station.

6. Virtual Passes

Another common type of event ticket you can offer for your next event is virtual passes. Virtual passes mean that the attendees can get the tickets online or can join the events virtually. This type of ticket might come at a little high value due to the type of service and experience offered to the target audience.

7. Giveaways

The last type of event ticket you can leverage at your next happening is the giveaways. Giveaways mean that you can give the tickets free of cost to some attendees. However, to whom and how you give the ticket is the real concern. You can organize online contests or quiz, or play games to choose the winner. If you do not have time to manage these efficiently, you can hire event companies in Abu Dhabi and let the experts make giveaways more planned and interesting, let alone the whole event.

Which type of event ticket are you going to offer?

The type of ticket you offer for your event can impact the revenue; therefore, you need to put more thought into it. If you lack expertise, get in touch with professional organizers and make sure to please your attendees while maximizing your gains.

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