Essential Comparison Points of a Tractor – Help You To Choose Best One

Tractor is one of the largest used machines across the World. It is the only solution to unfavourable and adverse farming conditions. In ancient times the farming operation was complete with the help of human labour, which used to take a lot of time for crop growth, and production was also less. So, to solve this problem, a tractor was invented, which took the agriculture sector to new heights. Due to the tractor, farmers grew their crops in less time and got high production without any extra effort. Tractors reduce all the extra expenses, extra labour and most importantly, extra time. They also make farming work easy and effortless. 


Are you buying a tractor, and are you confused between the two or more than tractors? 

If yes, you are at the right place. In the Indian market, there are various tractor models or brands available which offer many different features and prices, which sometimes creates confusion during vehicle purchasing. Hence, in this blog, we provide a complete solution to your messes as we are discussing the compare tractor, which will give you the best solution to your confusion or problem. 

So, keep with this blog till the end. As at the end of this blog, you will get all answers to your question related to the tractors and also the best solution to your confusion. Let’s start the blog. 

Comparison Points of a Tractor 

As we know, tractors come with many properties or features. Here we are showing some comparison points by which you can easily compare tractors and get the best one. Check out below. 

1. Engine

The first comparison point is the engine, as it is the main part of a tractor’s heart. So first of all, you can compare the engine power of tractors. Engine comparison includes engine capacity, engine rated RPM, air filter, cooling system, and horsepower. These features will help you during farming operations. 

2. Transmission System

The second point is the transmission system. It means the tractor will be able to work in a farming field or do your farming operation with ease. You can compare clutch, gearboxes, battery, alternator, forward and reverse speed, and transmission type in the transmission system. It will help you to understand the working operation of the farm vehicle. 

3. PTO Hp and Lifting Capacity

Are you using PTO-driven implements? 

If yes, then you have to compare PTO hp. It is very important because PTO hp indicates the power to lift the heavy PTO-driven implements. High PTO hp helps the tractor to attach the implement and lift it. With heavy tools, the farm vehicle works very well in the field and increases production. Apart from PTO hp, you can compare the tractor’s lifting capacity, which is also essential for implements. With high lifting capacity, it can lift heavy loads or tools and also transport bulky items.  

4. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is an essential part of a farm vehicle. It will help to do longer farming work for farmers. So clearing the confusion, farmers can compare the fuel tanks capacity of both tractors. A large fuel tank is the best feature which saves a lot of extra money. 

5. Steering Type

For smooth and easy gear shifting, farmers have to compare the steering type of tractors. This feature comparison will provide a fast response to the tractor. Steering is two type:- 

  • Power steering 
  • manual steering

6. Brakes 

To protect yourself from accidents, you can compare the brakes type of tractors. Brakes are available in two types, first is a dry disc, and the second is oil-immersed brakes. So you can compare brakes that provide a conclusion about which brakes are effective and efficient. 

7. Price 

Money is the most significant investment while buying the tractor, and also, price is a crucial thing for farmers. So basically, for saving money, you have to compare the prices of both tractors. 

8. Wheel and Tyres 

During the large area, a working wheel drive is essential. So you can compare the wheel drives of both tractors according to your work or area. Wheel drives are two types, 2wd or 4wd. For heavy-duty work, you can choose 4wd, and for compact farming, pick 2wd. Compare the front and rear tyres of both farm vehicles. According to your farming operation, you can compare tractor tyres. 

9. Additional Features

You can also compare accessories, offers, mileage, and many more things that help you choose the best tractor for your farming work. 

These are the main parts or features of farm vehicles which comparison is very vital. The best price and feature will provide high production and save money.  

How to compare Two or More Than Tractors 

There are two ways of tractor comparison:- 

Online Platform – Through the online sites, you can compare tractors features and price. There are many websites available that provide fair tractor comparison.  As an option, many different types of online websites are available. 

Tractor Dealer – Another way is the tractor dealer, which provides both farm vehicles information so you can easily compare the machine specifications and price. You can also compare tractor dealer’s information. 

These are essential guidelines, by following them, you get the best tractor that indeed fits your budget and is according to your desire. These tips also give a clear picture of your tractor, which you are going to buy. So, you should keep these points in mind while comparing tractors. This will help you in purchasing the best tractor for your farms.  

For more such knowledgeable topics, stay tuned with us.

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