Dress your Daughter as a Princess at every Event and Celebration

Dress your Daughter as a Princess at every Event and Celebration

We all love to feel special in our daily lives on every occasion and celebration. At the same time, we want our lovely daughters to look at their best with beautiful dresses and matching accessories. Whether it is any wedding, festival celebration, or ceremonies such as baptism, holy communion, confirmation etc. We enjoy dressing up our daughters like a princess, whether they are a toddler, young girls or teenagers. They are the apple of our eyes and we want them to look at their best at special events. 

There are various Dresses Store near Me, where you can find the best baby girl party dress in Canada. However, you need to check out a lot of things before you make your decision.  Apart from the fabric, colour, style and design, affordability and uniqueness of the dress are also important. Also, selecting the best dresses could be a tough decision.

Here we are going to discuss the kind of dresses that you can opt for on various occasions and ceremonies for your lovely princesses.

1. Baptism Dresses

The baptism dresses are worn by little babies as young as one-month-old as per the choice of the parents. This Christian ceremony is performed to bless the child in the Church as well as to give her a name.  And this day is most sacred for the parents as their dotting pretty baby will be getting a new name. Usually, white or ivory coloured dresses are selected either knee-length or in a gown style for the baby. 

The cotton, satin or silk baptism dress with detailing and beautiful pattern can be accessorized with matching socks, shoes, tiara, or flower crowns in the summer season. However, if it is winter season opt to add mittens, a woollen scarf or cap, warm socks, jackets and sweaters.

2. Holy Communion and Confirmation Dress

Holly Communion and Confirmation are the two ceremonies that your girls need to prepare as they grow and take the holy sacrament. The Holy Communion and Confirmation Dress in Canada should display outstanding detailing and must appear classy, and elegant.  The dress should be ideally in white and ivory colour. In summer sleeveless bodice dresses will work fine, that is made from cotton, silk, organza, satin etc. However, considering buying full sleeve Holy Communion and Confirmation Dresses in the winter season.

A floral ankle-length A-line dress or full-length gown will look good on the teens. But for younger girls, knee-length dresses or gowns both will look pretty. Never miss the accessories such as tiara or flower crown, jewelery, socks, etc. will accentuate the dress.   Look for dresses that have exquisite patterns, detailing, embroidery, flower designs etc.  The key is to wear a dress that looks elegant to grace the Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremony.

3.  Flower Girl’s Dresses

Whenever there are an upcoming wedding in the family, you know your girl needs to get ready with the finest flower girl’s dress. The colour of the dress can match the theme of the wedding. Generally, white and ivory are the top colour choice. But pastel and light shades can also be selected such as light pink, light blue, sea green etc. With the changing trends, the colour of flower girl’s dresses has also changed from light pastel shades to navy blue, golden, etc.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to flower girl’s dresses. The only thing that is important is the dresses should be accompanied by the necessary accessories such as a tiara, flower baskets, matching jewelery, flower crown etc. Floral dresses with long skirts that with or without multilayering look good on the flower girls.  Spaghetti straps, sleeveless or full sleeves, all go well with the flower girl’s dresses.

4.  Birthday Dress

When it is your dotting daughter’s birthday, then her birthday dress is the main attraction of the party. From low-rise dresses to short or long dresses, birthday dresses come in all sizes, styles and designs.  It is your choice of colours, patterns and fabric choices that can make your daughter smile and cherish the birthday party. 

From paster-coloured floral dresses to dark attractive dresses, the birthday girl dresses can be a vibrant combination of colours.  Some people even prefer short dresses on their birthday for their daughters, which is absolutely acceptable. It is all about the choices as the options are many.

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