Different Types of Eye Surgery Instruments

eye surgery instruments


Eye surgery is a widely practiced medical procedure in which surgeons replace damaged, broken, or disfigured corneal tissues with new tissue via the eye’s surgical vessels and tissue layers. Eye surgery instruments are used to carry out this surgical procedure. The main types of eye surgery instruments are Epi-LASIK, LASIK, Bifocal Lenses, Diode Laser, Lasik and Teflon Laser, and Custom Eye Implants. These devices can be made use of for different surgical procedures.

Uses of these instruments

A variety of eye surgery instruments are widely available at affordable prices over the internet.

  • The common uses of eye surgery instruments include removing eye wrinkles and lines, removing eye bags, reducing the need for glasses and contact lenses, thinning eyelashes etc.
  • There are also more advanced devices that are developed specifically for eye care and make-up application. The main areas where these devices find applications are to reshape and/or increase the central vision.
eye surgery instruments
Closeup of eyeglasses measurement

Types of eye surgery instruments used for vision correction

Stem Cell Therapy –

Stem cells are adult stem cells found in the bone marrow. They are unique from other blood cells and are the only ones found to be used in eye surgery. A great advantage of stem cell therapy is that it provides a permanent cure to any eye disorder or disease. There are many stem cell therapy options like laser eye surgery, monoclonal antibodies, stem cell transplantation and fractional photo rejuvenation etc.

Electroconvulsive Therapy –

This procedure helps to treat erectile dysfunction and is also helpful for treating some vision conditions like astigmatism and presbyopia. In this process an electric current is applied on a certain area(s) near the eye to excite the blood flow towards the visual nerve and thus improve blood circulation near the eye. This method is safe and produces almost immediate results. This method is often used for treating eye disorders like myopia, hyper-metropia, presbyopia, astigmatism and dry eye etc. It can even be used to treat cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Silagra 100 mg Tablets –

This medicine helps in improving the overall circulatory system which ultimately improves erectile dysfunction. The blood flow towards the penis is increased due to the presence of extra vasate. This helps in improving the quality of erections. An added advantage of this is that it helps to prevent premature ejaculation too. The blood vessels dilate near the penis when a man is sexually excited and the blood flow increases towards the reproductive organs to nourish them and make them function normally. These tablets help to improve the overall blood circulation and therefore are very helpful in curing erectile dysfunction.

These are some of the common eye surgery instruments used by eye surgeons.

eye surgery instruments

Deciding the right tools

One of the most important things that should be decided at the time of planning the surgical procedures is the kind of instruments to be used. However there are many surgical techniques and instruments that can be used for various kinds of eye surgeries. The surgeon will need to decide the type of surgery and then proceed with the right tools and equipment required.

The main aim of these eye surgery instruments is to help the surgeon in the successful surgery and hence they should be chosen carefully. These instruments include endoscopes, lasers, syringes, and ultrasonography devices.


Endoscopes are medical tools that are used to remove and examine the lining of the eye in order to find out the size, shape and functioning of the blood vessels present inside the cornea. If the size of these blood vessels is found to be abnormal then corrective surgery may be required.


When it comes to the use of lasers, most of us are aware that this powerful medical instrument is used to reduce the surgical scars after a particular surgery. Lasers can also help to prevent eye infections and also improve color perception. Many people prefer to go for natural eye surgery than using laser technology because of its affordability and safety.

Lastly, Most of the eye surgery instruments which help to improve the quality of your life can be obtained either from the local hospital or online surgical

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