Different Types of Concrete Flooring for Home-Based Renovation: How to Choose One?

Concrete flooring

The Concrete flooring in your home is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a renovation. The type of material used for the floor can impact how comfortable you feel, which affects how much time you spend at home. Concrete floors are available in various types and textures that make it possible for homeowners to find something that perfectly matches their needs and style preferences. If you’re considering concrete as your new flooring option, take a look at this blog post before deciding!

Types of Concrete Flooring for Home Renovation:

With this type of construction process, it may have some imperfections that include bumps created when placing the forms together for pouring and small pits where water drips down through cracks and seeps out on top after curing.

– Poured in place concrete: This is one of the most popular types of flooring, and it is also considered a traditional option. Poured in place, concrete can be poured at once or step by step over weeks, months, or years. It becomes smooth with time, but there will always be evidence of each pour.

– Slab on grade: Slabs on grade offer many advantages to homeowners who want to renovate their floors without causing any disruption due to changes in the room dimensions. A slab has precast concrete panels that are placed together and then embedded in the ground. A slab can be installed over a basement or crawl space, on top of an old floor surface (poured concrete), or at the same level as other rooms in your home. Slabs can also be removed if you ever want to change the layout of your house again, so many people prefer this option for their renovation projects because this method does not disrupt any existing architectural features.

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– Slab with underlayment: This type is usually used when renovating basements since they have less headroom than higher levels do. They’re created by pouring slabs utilizing waterproofing material which will not allow moisture from below up into the new floors being poured above them while making sure soundproofing is achieved.

– Micro topping Concrete flooring: Micro topping concrete flooring is a perfect option for home-based renovation. It has the same advantages as other types of concrete, such as natural and polished finish, but it is cheaper than applying some more expensive finishing treatments to the surface. Micro topping will ensure that your floors are not slippery during wet or rainy days. The process includes adding liquid cement mix with sand on the top layer of an existing old floor so you can refresh your look without having to demolish all previous work done in building up this new design. Micro topping concrete is great for home renovation projects due to its durability, easy maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Type of Concrete Flooring for Homes!

* Consider its cost when choosing between micro-topping and polish treatment

* Check what type of business offers these services locally – there’s no point spending money shipping if you can find a service locally.

* Consider your budget for the project. Decide how much of a renovation you want to go through and choose accordingly

*  Think about the amount of time it will take since some treatments might be more complicated than others.

* Do consider the aesthetic appeal and value it adds to your property after finishing work is accomplished.

Apart from these factors, you must consider durability, hardness, smoothness, damp resistance, cleanliness, slipperiness, fire resistance, maintenance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc.


The floors of your home can be one of the essential features in determining how your property will look. A wide range of concrete flooring is available in the market, and choosing the right type for your home needs careful consideration and well-researched knowledge! Homeowners considering renovation should consider their flooring options carefully. Find here concrete floor company.

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