Country Music And Tenessee Whiskey: Visit Nashville

Tenessee Whiskey

Nashville is a melting pot of art, culture, music, food, and traditions. It is difficult to explain what that made Nashville so famous in the first place, so knowing its history perhaps will help you design a perspective of your own before visiting the wondrous city of Tenessee. It is not difficult to tell that Nashville’s locals are proud of its universities, churches, music, and markets, and why not, if my country provides me so many reasons to be proud of, I would invite innumerable tourists and give them a guide to everything and anything available to see. Nashville is also a place where you can easily interact with the locals and explore their culture. 

Nashville is the home to 20 universities, multiple denominations, and their publishing arms, over 700 Churches, several music icons. If you are a person who loves to explore the past of a city and likes to live in modern times with the localities, Nashville is your perfect getaway home. Want to visit the capital of Tenessee this year but haven’t decided what to explore in Nashville? Well, then here what you can do. We have listed multiple places in Nashville that you can visit before making your JetBlue reservations. Create your exciting itinerary to travel around Nashville, including some of the listed sites, and take off to the Music City U.S.A. 

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Sites you can Visit

  1. Broadway

Well, nothing is better than comprehending the vibes of a city before start exploring its ancient history. So, take a stroll down lower Broadway and experience music coming from every bar on the street. The lower broadway street is a compilation of old stores, shops, cafes, and bars. You find every kind of local roaming around at any time of the day. So take in the vibe of Nashville and get into the groove. 

  1. Brunch Party

Skip your breakfast intentionally, and opt for a full-fledged brunch around the corner I Nashville. The Southern is a top-notch restaurant in Nashville popular for its brunch menu – you can try The Highway, a special fried chicken dish served on a waffle. How exciting, right? There are many more places and restaurants in Nashville that can offer you an exceptional food menu and some beer and classic wines. 

  1. The Batman Building

If you think there is something particular about the building, then we are sorry! The AT&T Skyscraper construction resembles the mask of the Batman, for which the building is named as Batman Building. It is a great place to stop by and get a spectacular view of Nashville. You can view the Cumberland River flowing alongside the Metro Riverfront Park. Enjoy a drink standing all the top floor of the tallest tower in Nashville and feel the Nashville vibe!

  1. The 5th Avenue

If you are particularly a fan of country music and want to dig deep into its initiation and history, explore the 5th Avenue. Simultaneously, strolling on the street stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame, where you’ll come across 2.5 billion artifacts and historical data related to country music. You can spend an entire day scrolling through the artifacts. Moving out of the Country Music Hall of Fame, you will come across the Hatch Show Print, it is the oldest letterpress that use to print the original art for huge artists like Elvis Presley and many more to name.

  1. Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a must-watch site in Nashville. The park is the home of a 42-foot tall statue of Athens and a replica of Parthenon in Greece. You can spend some time here sightseeing and exploring the lush green trees surrounding the beautiful park. 

  1. Printer’s Alley

If you are a person who likes to explore the food and drinks of the place, you should definitely visit Printer’s Alley street. It is a place surrounded by some of the best restaurants and bars. The bars have a great drink menu and exotic international vibe that can make you fall in love with Nashville. Every night, visit the restaurants and bars and indulge in an exciting vibe of country blues.

  1. Historical expedition 

Well, it is implausible to visit Nashville and not explore the historical sites that made Nashville so famous. Visit the Hermitage Hotel; it has been a staple in the city since 1910. Downtown, you will find Ryman Auditorium, the house that made country music and celebrities popular enough to attract people to their homes today. Do not miss the Cheekwood Estate for lush green trees and vibrant flowers all around the park. 

  1. Party Bike Tour

One of Nashville’s specialty, a Bar on Wheels, is a tour you cannot miss. A tour guide along with 12 to 15 tourists come together to go for a tour while drinking and enjoying the bar on wheels. The tour guide gives you insights pertaining to the famous bars and restaurants around the corner and their history on the side.

Nashville is a mammoth country that needs days to understand its history and months to discover its secrets. Travel to the Bible belt buckle and enjoy a cultural and spiritual ride with your friends and family members. Make your Southwest Airlines Reservations to commence a never-ending trip. 

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