Confined Space Entry: Testing the Atmosphere


When it comes to confined spaces, everyone needs to be as cautious as possible. Atmospheric testing is a very important step of making sure that nothing goes wrong while someone is working in a confined space.

When it comes to confined spaces, everyone needs to be as cautious as possible. Atmospheric testing is a very important step in making sure that nothing goes wrong while someone is working in a confined space. There are many factors that need to be considered when evaluating these kinds of things. It’s extremely pivotal that everything is done in accordance with regular procedures, so there are no mishaps happening while someone is tasking. Here are a couple of rules that need to be followed in order to ensure that the atmospheric testing is done properly.

Gas Testing

Before someone even ventures into the specific confined space, there needs to be proper gas testing done within that space. What this means is that there are professionals who use certain tools and equipment to determine whether or not the stats regarding the gasses are within correct parameters. If they are not, a worker must not enter the confined space until everything has been fixed up. There have been many instances where this kind of check-up hasn’t been done, which resulted in workers not getting enough air, which is something none of us want. Of course, besides air loss, there may be other harmful gasses that are currently present in the confined space which can lead to serious damage to the health of a worker.

Light Testing

Another important part of atmospheric testing is light testing. There are certain guidelines when it comes to this type of testing that is usually specific to the confined space itself. There needs to be proper lighting everywhere within the confined space, so the workers could always be aware of their surroundings and the task at hand. If there are not enough lights, a lot of problems could arise, especially if an emergency occurs. You do not want anyone to be stuck in a confined space without proper lighting, as that can only produce panic. Ensuring that everyone is properly lit up, as well as in space, will result in a much safer working environment which ultimately leads to better results.

Communication Testing

When it comes to communication, it’s important to test everything regarding that subject before a worker goes into a confined space. It’s important that there is a constant communication line between every worker that’s inside the confined space and everyone who’s supervising the task within the space. If there is a lack of communication between the team, a lot of errors could occur. That is why a confined space training program is extremely important to conduct within your company. If there is proper training conducted between the workers, the chances for a misfortune to happen are significantly lower, and that is something that should be at the top of the priority list for every single employer out there. Remember, nothing is more important than safety.

Responsibility Testing

Now, this is extremely crucial for everyone. Every single individual has their responsibility when it comes to their work, and especially if we’re talking about confined space work. If a worker doesn’t know his full responsibilities while he’s in a confined space working, or if he’s supervising a worker that’s in the space, a lot of mishaps could occur. That’s why there should be specific tasks for each person working around and in confined spaces. If everyone has their own designated task, it can be much easier to accomplish something without injuries. Overloading a worker with too many tasks can make him feel overwhelmed, which can ultimately lead to a lack of focus. The lack of focus is the number one reason for injuries happening at work.

In summary, testing everything regarding the atmosphere of the confined space is very important. If there is a job that has a very high-risk rate of injuries, it’s confined space work. That why everyone should follow all steps from the safety protocols. Making sure that all the training is mandatory will help the workers learn all about the safety regulations that confined space work requires. Disregarding these matters can only lead to misfortunes happening at the job, and that is something no one wants to see. Safety is and always should be at the top of the list when it comes to priorities.

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