Complete Guide To Cab Booking App Development?

Cab Booking App Development

For a business to stay motivated and win over other businesses, it’s vital to outrank your competitors out there. You need to work hard and smart as well to sustain your business in the markets.

The same goes with the Cab booking business, all doing the same thing your app needs to stand out from everyone else. The latest trends and new features coming into your application will help keep the business up and alive.

Trying to build the right cab booking system, many businesses end up being complete chaos altogether. You need the right information and the B-skill to make your application rise and shine from the start.

In this article, we’ll be showing a complete guide on how to develop a cab booking. Let’s first deal with the basics of it. and know about cab booking Technology.

How Does a Cab Booking Application Should Work?

The question here is, how should you develop a cab booking application to pull off a high ROI for your business. Follow this in a step-by-step process to learn it right

1. Registration Page

The registration page is the most important part of any application, as this gives the entry ticket to the customers to land on your application.  

You need to make the UI as simple as possible. Make sure the registration process is simple enough to let customers sign-up and register themselves with ease.

To make the registration process faster, use the social sign-in option from Facebook/Gmail and customer’s phone numbers. This will help them go to the Booking page instantly.

2. Booking Page

The booking page has to be the next defined part of your cab application to help users book their cab with ease right after the registration page.

With minimal text inputs like Pickup Location, Drop Location, and a GUI with real-time maps popping the current location of the user standing. That should work in favor of you.

In case the customers don’t know their drop location name, give them the drag-and-drop Pinpointer map feature to mark the drop location.

This is going to help the new customers, as well as travelers entering a new city to book their ride with ease using this feature.

Once a user adds the pickup and drop location, the booking page needs to display the ride charges to let the traveler learn about the money he has to pay.

After entering the location and displaying the fare charges for the ride, the page must now display two buttons to Confirm or Decline the ride. That’s it.

Once the customer confirms the ride, they should get redirected to the Ride tracking page where they will see details of the cab driver.

3. Ride Tracking Page

When the ride has been confirmed, the Ride Tracking Page must display the information of the cab drivers like Name, Phone Number, and Cab Number. It will help customers get connected with the driver in case of any delay.

After the cab driver reaches the pickup location, they need to enter an OTP, which is only displayed on the customer’s Ride Tracking Page.

To get the verification done that the driver needs to arrive at the pickup location. The ride starts now.

After the driver reaches the drop location, there has to be a pop-up of the payment option on the customer’s phone to help them make the payment accordingly.

Once the customer makes the payment, your cab driver should confirm the End ride. Now the application page goes back to the booking page. The application is now ready to take more bookings.

Essential Features for Cab Booking Application

Geolocation Integration

  • Geolocation Integration has to be present for both the driver and the customer. It will help them both track each other’s location while booking and during the ride.
  • This feature also helps them to get connected and find a better route from their locations before and during the ride.

Payment Options

  • All kinds of payment options have to be available for the customers ranging from App payments, Online payments, and Cash payments.
  • This will help both the customers and the cab driver to collect the payments faster and get ready for their next ride.

Feedback & Safety Options

There has to be an emergency button for the customers. In case any rash driving or accidents happen during the ride, the customer will have some control to at least inform the departments and police in case of any emergency.

  • Include the Feedback option to allow customers to report about the experience of the cab service during their ride. To know more about safety and regulations, you can browse this website.


Find your options and make the best choice to turn your cab booking application into a winning business. There are plenty of customers and fortunes waiting for you. Make your business ride today