It is finally time to go shopping for a new bed. New Mattresses come in different sizes. That is a no-brainer. While there are still many things that you should consider when on the market for a good mattress learning about mattress dimensions is vital if you want to ensure that you’re getting the right mattress to suit your personal preference.

Having studied the standard mattress sizes charts, with very little difference in dimensions between certain sizes, getting the right fit for yourself can be a daunting task. Hence this article will serve as a guide to help you through.

What are the popular mattress sizes available in the market today? 

King mattresses

They are the king of mattresses as they are the biggest ones in the market. 

The Standard King size mattress dimensions are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. This particular type of mattress is a good choice for people who need plenty of space and are the best fit for master bedrooms.

There is the California king mattress. The California king-size mattress has a width of 72 inches with an extra length of 4 inches.

Another variant of the king family is the split king, which is the same size as the regular king, 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The difference is that the mattresses are two twin XL mattresses in a box. This can be useful if a lot of tossing and turning keeps up your sleeping partner at night. The mattresses being split will limit your movement being felt only on your mattress. The other person can sleep comfortably without being jostled around all night.

Queen Bed

Next to the King is the queen, who is the second-largest mattress available today. A queen would measure 60×84 inches. Again, this is a good choice for people who need to share a bed with another person but still want to maintain their personal sleeping space. It can comfortably accommodate two adults and probably an extra space for a child.

Double bed/Full-Size Bed 

For single sleepers who want ample sleeping space but feel that a queen size bed is way too wide for their taste, the double mattress comes as the next best thing. 

The full-size mattress has a mattress dimension of 54×75 inches. This is a good choice for people who live in apartments as they are more mobile than the larger mattress types. 

Here again, we have the problem with taller individuals fitting on this mattress comfortably. The width will be fine, but the length may need to be a little longer. This is where the full XL appears. It shares the same width as the regular full mattress, but its length is 80 inches instead of the standard 75 inches. This gives enough room so the whole body can be on the bed.

Twin Size Bed 

A twin mattress may be what you are looking for if you live by yourself and do not have enough space for anything more significant. This mattress measures about 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. 

If you are a tall person, this may be a little small in length for you. Therefore, you should consider a Twin XL bed. The twin xl mattress has the exact width of 39 inches as the standard twin but with 80 inches. The extra inches of space give you more legroom.

If you are a single adult, rather than buying the expensive larger full bed, king-size bed, split king, the Cal king, or the queen size mattress, the twin xl size mattress is a cheaper alternative. It will save you some money in the process. They are perfect as college dorm room bunk beds and in guestrooms.

Most importantly, you should measure your room size to avoid buying the wrong size. Read through online stores FAQs, and revert unclear to the manufacturer. 

To get the best mattress, determine the bedding material and look for a memory foam mattress.

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