Can I Open vCard Files In Excel Program?


As your business expands, you’ll find that you spend more time on the phone with customers. One of the best ways to store all vCard information in an Excel spreadsheet.

Many users want to convert vCard files to Excel spreadsheets. You may be wondering why? Well, the reason is that they want to create an email database by arranging contacts between rows and columns. Hence, users can use the created database for email marketing purposes. In this blog, you will learn how to open vCard contacts in Excel.

Various business and individual users search on several forum websites for:

How do I access a VCF file in Excel?

How can I open a VCF file in Excel?

What are the ways to open a VCF file in Excel?

There are two ways to open the vCard file in Excel

  1. Manual approach
  2. Automated approach

On this page, we will explain both the solution with merits and demerits. You can opt for any of them as per your requirements. 

vCard Files In Excel Program

How To Convert vCard File To Excel?

This approach is only suitable for a few emails as it will take a lot of time. So, before using it, also check the cons we mentioned after the solution.

  1. Press Win+R and type: %systemdrive%\users\%username%\contacts.
  2. Thereafter, click on Import and choose the VCF file in the list and tap on the Import button.
  3. Select the vCard file and hit on the open option to proceed.
  4. See all details of the vCard contacts and after verifying click on ok.
  5. Repeat the process for each vCard file.
  6. After completing the steps successfully, you can see the message of the successful import process.
  7. Now, select all VCF files and hit the export button to begin the export process.
  8. Choose the CSV option and click on export.
  9. Click on browse to choose the destination path and fill in the file name as per your choice.
  10. Choose all required fields like contact first name, last name, or many other options as you want.
  11. Click on the finish button, After completing the process successfully open the destination path and see the CSV file there.

Drawbacks Of Using The Manual Approach

  1. It’s a very tough and long process.
  2. Risk of file deletion due to skipping or wrong steps.
  3. Technical experts are required and non-technical users face great difficulties.
  4. There is no guarantee of data security.
  5. It allows expert files individually.

Singe Go Solution To Open vCard Files On Excel Using Third-Party Software

You can also use this solution to overcome the challenges of manual solutions. No software can match the working speed of the Corbett vCard Converter Tool to quickly perform this process. This tool gives accurate results intact like the original as you desire. This application can be easily operated by both technical and non-technical users. This tool has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

  • Download vCard Converter and run it on your system.
  • Select and paste the vCard files you want to export.
  • Here select CSV in the list of export options.
  • Last, set the output destination and click Convert to get CSV files immediately.

Benefits Of Using Third-Party Software

  • With this software, you can convert VCF to CSV, PDF, PST, TXT, etc.
  • It offers the possibility to import VCF files to Office 365 with the same software.
  • Your VCF file will remain unchanged during the conversion.
  • This software exports certain data like email, phone number, contact photos, etc.
  • Your multiple VCF file will be converted into a single vCard file.

Wrapping Up

In the above post, we have discussed how to open vCard contacts in Excel easily and reliably. Now it’s your turn to choose any solution. Due to limitations in the manual, we recommend you choose Corbett software to carry out the solution, and trust me, the whole process will be carried out without any limitations or problems. If you face other problems, you can always turn to experts.

In a trial version, you can also convert the first 10 vCard files from each folder to test the working speed and the fun tool. After you are satisfied with this tool, you can buy this tool for a lifetime to make only one-time payment. Because this tool has no expiry date.

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